Novak Djokovic has visa cancelled just days before Australian Open


The verdict was set at 8.45pm (AEDT) before Judge Anthony Kelly of the Federal Circuit And Family Court.

The comments could have been made by Djokovic or his lawyers, but it was expected that the Serbian tennis star would challenge the decision of Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, which was announced at 6pm on Friday.

“Today I have used my powers under section 133C (3) of the Migration Act to revoke the visa that Mr Novak Djokovic had for health and good order, because it was in the public interest to do so,” Hawke said. in a sentence.

Novak Djokovic’s visa was revoked “for public purposes” just days before the Australian Open tournament kicks off. (AP)

“In making this decision, I have given serious thought to what I have been given by the Department of Housing, the Australian Army and Djokovic.

“The Morrison government is committed to protecting Australia’s borders, especially in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic.”

Age journalist Paul Sakkal says Djokovic was asked to attend a meeting with officials entering and leaving on Saturday morning.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the remarks Friday evening in reference to Mr Hawke’s election, saying he was made to protect the “sacrifices” of the Australian people.

“The Australian people have made great sacrifices during the epidemic, and rightly expect the sacrifices to be protected,” he said.

“That is what the minister is doing in doing this today.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a press conference in Canberra.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the remarks Friday evening in response to Mr Hawke’s remarks. (Sydney Morning Herald)

It is possible that Djokovic will not be able to return to Australia for three years after the verdict, as Judge Kelly confirmed in court on Monday when the possibility of Djokovic’s visa exemption was raised that such a ban could be made. However, the Australian Government may use its discretion not to apply the ban to tennis players.

Djokovic was included in the Australian Open yesterday after he did not consider approving or canceling his visa on Thursday.

Djokovic was arrested by the Australian Border Force after arriving in Melbourne last week, on the grounds that he did not qualify for medical treatment under the requirements of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Independent Tasmania Senator Jacqui Lambie this morning has called for a long-term resolution.

“Why is this just coming out of the tap? Why didn’t the minister do anything about it?” Senator Lambie said today.

Fans led by the Djokovic family met in Serbia after a tennis star was arrested in Melbourne. (AP)

“If they do it because of behavior, because they believe his submission was false, then you know, this is what we do when our children play at school. They are sent home.

“Then maybe it’s time to stop this distraction, finish it once without a tap and keep dripping and making up your mind.”

He asked why Immigration and Foreign Affairs Minister Alex Hawke was “missing”.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.
Immigration Minister Alex Hawke was urged to run for office. (Nine)

“If you can’t make a decision on Novak Djokovic, well me, how are you guys running the country? That’s very difficult,” he said.

“Let’s face it – it makes us look like the rest of the world. It’s amazing.”

Former Australian tennis expert Sam Groth said Djokovic’s comments offended his teammates.

“Many players have opted to get vaccinated, whether they want to or not, to come and play in the Australian Open,” he said today.

10. South Korea

Countries with the most vaccines in the world

“Most of the players who made the decision to come down to Melbourne Park feel like it’s one rule for Novak and another rule for everyone.”

The Border Force is investigating whether Djokovic provided false information about his travels.

Sagayi sparked an uproar in Serbia where Djokovic, his family, were leading street meetings, while in Melbourne, crowds gathered outside the hotel Djokovic were temporarily detained over the weekend.

But that conviction waned when Djokovic admitted he had violated COVID-19 secession in Serbia, a crime that could land him in prison.


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