‘No payments’ for unvaccinated healthcare staff sacked in mandatory jab plans

Non-vaccinated medical workers in England are being fired without pay, with an official document showing.

Frontline workers should receive the Covid-19 vaccine and two jabs by April 1 – meaning they must have received their first vaccine on February 3.

Health care Employers were told that from the next day – February 4 – unemployed workers should be called to a meeting and told that the results could be removed.

Although agencies are encouraged to research relocations, the principles that apply to job reductions do not apply here, and it is important for managers to be aware of this.

The guidelines, published Friday and published by the Health Service Journal (HSJ), are aimed at establishing a Vaccine-Based Vaccination (VCOD) vaccine.

The 24-page document states: “It is important to note that this is not a mere figment of the imagination. In the case of the rules, there is no reduction or termination of any kind of work.

“Employers will not have to worry about finding ‘another suitable job’ and there will be no retirement benefits, including pay, whether legal or legitimate, for the job.

“Re-employment or dismissal is determined by the enactment of the rules and by the concept of individual immunization.

“While agencies are encouraged to investigate alternative deployments, the principles that apply to job reduction are no longer applicable, and it is important for administrators to be aware of this.”

The vaccine remains our best protection against Covid-19

The law stipulates that employers must take action and act in consultation with their unions or co-workers’ representatives, regarding the procedures to be followed “in relation to the recruitment process and dismissal of VCOD”.

Other possible options for an unimproved employee – such as any changes they may make, work restrictions or the opportunity to re-apply for access – should be reviewed, the document states.

It adds: “As of February 4, 2022, unregistered employees (except those who are not permitted) must be summoned to a regular meeting chaired by the appropriate manager, where they are informed that the outcome of the meeting may be dismissed. Meetings can be held individually or almost. ”

The letter comes after leading midwives asked for “immediate delay” to prepare for the imposition of Covid-19 jabs on future health workers.

The Royal College of Midwives said the issue could have a serious impact on the work of pregnant women, saying this week that the shortage of staff here is at an all-time high since the outbreak began.

The college said there were “minor” problems in the region and a shortage of nearly 2,000 midwives, adding that they feared the standards would see staff decline.

Professor Stephen Powis, Chief Medical Officer of the NHS, said: “The NHS has made it clear that the life-saving vaccine Covid is the best protection against the virus, and even now it is thought that health workers should be vaccinated, as soon as possible.

“Most of the staff in the NHS, nine out of every 10, have had a second crisis, and their NHS employers will continue to support and encourage non-vaccinated workers to receive first and second doses before April 1, when the law came into effect. ”

A spokesman for the health and social services department said health workers and caregivers “have a responsibility to care for the most vulnerable people in the region, many of whom could become seriously ill if they contracted the virus”.

The spokesman added: “This is about patient safety, and I am making sure that people in the hospital or caregivers have adequate protection. Vaccines remain our best protection against Covid-19.”

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