| Biden tries to save voting rights bill in evening talks


  • Biden demanded two bills that he says will save the right to vote.
  • The US president has failed to secure adequate support for his party in law.
  • US election law is an issue that has been embedded in the history of apartheid and an attempt to curb black votes.

President Joe Biden held talks until Thursday evening with two of his party’s senators to try to save his free voting bill which also led him to back down on the anti-Covid process.

Two bills on the right to vote, which Biden said were necessary to save US democracy in the Republican by disrupting local law, appeared to have died as a result of not being fully supported by his party.

However, the two senators, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Movie of Arizona, made a surprise visit to the White House in the afternoon.

Their meeting, which lasted about an hour and 20 minutes, “was an honest and respectful exchange on the issue of voting rights,” said a White House official.

In the past, the Biden have gone the other way, even to Capitol Hill, to try to persuade the party to unite. He came out feeling like he was about to give up.

“I hope we can do this, but I’m not sure,” he admitted.

Biden tries to persuade Democrats to resort to fraudulent measures that would change the Senate law and allow them to donate the money, even though they strongly oppose Republicans.

But before the president arrived for lunch with MPs, Sinema said that although he was in favor of voting rights, he would not accept a change in the law, known as a filibuster.

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The film said that just passing the filibuster, which requires more people to move forward and therefore another Republican support for the Democratic decision, will only exacerbate the country’s serious problem – “the disease is divided.”

Later, Manchin also made it clear that he was opposed to breaking the filibuster, even if he had real money. Unless everyone changes their mind, the standards seem to die.

Biden says the country’s voting rights are necessary to protect US democracy against what Republicans have tried to do with the majority of blacks and Democratic voters in line with recently enacted laws.

Biden’s ratings are in the lower 40 percent, and Republicans are in a good position to control Congress from Democrats in the mid-November elections, meaning time is running out for a major constitution.

Democracy will exist

Ironically, during the Republican-Democratic unchanging period, Republicans are not the most recent issue for Biden.

His Democrats lead the Senate by a single vote, and it is not enough under the legislative law to pass a series of laws, which instead require a majority of the people including the opposition.

The filibuster law has allowed Republicans to increase Democrats’ jobs in the Senate repeatedly during Biden’s first year.

The Movie and Manchin argue that the filibuster is too designed to be broken unilaterally by a single group.

Biden called for a change, allowing Democrats to change the law temporarily and voting for electoral bills in a simpler way – cutting off Republicans.

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But simply changing the law would require Democratic approval, enabling Style and Manchin veto. A similar incident took place last month when Biden’s massive $ 1.7 trillion build and waste spending project, worth $ 1.7 trillion Build Back Better, declined because Manchin refused to provide assistance.

Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democratic leader in the Senate and a close ally of Biden, said the vote was not over.

“The president has given a strong and powerful and loving demonstration for us to do things, and we will do everything we can to donate these two funds,” he said.

But with his popularity on the line, Biden is in a difficult position.

The African-American people are in the midst of a democratic coalition, with some prominent leaders already criticizing Biden for his slow, slow electoral laws – an issue that is rooted in the history of apartheid and attempts to curb black votes.

On the other hand, Republicans are using Biden’s massive push to say he has left his central roots and turned left.

So far, the Supreme Court has ruled against Biden ‘responsibility to test the Covid-19 vaccine in large businesses, which is crucial in trying to control the spread of Omicron species with only 62 percent of Americans fully vaccinated.

Biden issued a directive for companies with 100 or more employees to adhere to regular vaccinations or testing as a way to curb the shocking distribution of the latest version of Covid-19.

However, lawmakers said the incident was a government crackdown, which turned the idea into a deadly political and legal battle that exposed Biden’s limited power.

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