New School Promised for Orihuela Costa

The Director General of Educational Infrastructures of the Ministry of Education, Víctor Garcia, visited Orihuela to observe the performance of Edificant services in the cities, which are funded by Consell but funded by Orihuela council.

Garcia visited Thader IES, Virgen de la Puerta CEIP, School of Art and Design (EASD) and Los Dolses CEIP, along with members of the local council.

Garcia described the plan as “an increase of about 20 million euros”, to improve Oriolano’s academy and to build a new school in Orihuela Costa, to be built on the site around CEIP Los Dolses “.

“The new school could mean between $ 5 and 7 million euros by the department, which would allow us to disrupt CEIP Los Dolses and improve education care in the growing area on the coast of Orihuela,” according to Garcia.

On a visit to the Virgen de la Puerta CEIP, Garcia said, “The department is learning to increase the amount of money already allocated to the school as it considers what to do to demolish the site and build a new one.”

Orihuela is a town where the Department of Education has invested heavily in building and maintaining learning materials throughout the Valencian Community: a total of 21 measures.

Of the 21 projects, 13 have been completed, 3 are under construction, 4 are within the council, and one is in the final phase of funding through the Edificant. The following is a complete overhaul of Orihuela EASD, a project already costing 4.3 million euros approved by the department. However, the Director General of Infrastructures stated that “the recovery of EASD will exceed 5 million euros unless the revision of the financial report is completed”.

Garcia emphasized “the full commitment of the Ministry and the transformation of modern Orihuela education”. He also commended Orihuela City Council for its cooperation in developing the city’s study center and has been keen to learn about applications that can be made from the town hall.

Of the $ 18.2 million in funding in the Edificant, another $ 1.3 million is to be added to the two projects that the same Ministry will make this summer in Orihuela: removal of fiber cement and restoration of the EADS roof in Orihuela, a project that has already been awarded tenders for people over half a million euros; and investment of 700,000 euros for various development projects in CEIP Los Dolses, which are expected to be delivered soon.

The new wall will ensure students ’privacy

The final plan, the principal explained in detail, “will help us to resolve the long-running dispute over the school wall and the neighboring town.

The department will address the issue, deliberately reintroducing a 15-inch dividing line within the school plot so that they can build a 4-meter-long fence that will ensure the privacy of students, their playgrounds. , kitchen, facade and middle wall ”.


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