New kiln investment adds efficiency to supply chain, says Tata Steel

The Cumbrian company’s premises use UK-based limestone to make lime, which facilitates metal recycling and the removal of impurities during manufacturing.

The new GBP 4 million sale in a large area in northwestern England will allow for strong and stable metalworking in Port Talbot steelworks in Wales, Tata Steel The UK said.

Funds for repairing a large lime kiln at Tata Steel’s Shapfell site in Cumbria took 10 months to complete and allow it to resume production after the shooting since 2016, India’s steelmaker said on Friday.

The Cumbrian company’s premises use UK-based limestone to make lime, which facilitates metal recycling and the removal of impurities during manufacturing.

“This investment has resulted in a significant increase in the number of facilities. The furnace was heated for several years, but we had the opportunity to bring it back to work if another furnace came to an end in his lifetime, and to use new technologies which means we are more stable and stable. . cheaper, “says John Baird, Shapfell’s Project Manager.

“It’s great to see the money put in this page to help keep things going and to continue to support new and innovative projects here in Cumbria – it has been a great opportunity to bring some of our talented team to redevelop the missing furnace and share this knowledge in the future,” he said.
“We also took the opportunity to complete some of the actual work inside the furnace before it was re-heated which will be used to train workers in safety in the future,” he said.

In 12 years, Shapfell’s Kiln 4 will produce about 1.5 million tons of calcium-rich lime. The furnace is being ignited using the latest technology in collaboration with a company called Secatherm.

Hot air vents – instead of traditional wood – are used for adjustment while at the same time providing less air and cleaning is installed. The new technology, combined with air traffic control, will allow Tata Steel UK to understand and regulate combustion and furnace power to save energy and cost, the company said.

Tata Steel said the UK has a desire to produce net-zero metals by 2050 as soon as possible and to reduce 30 percent of CO2 emissions by 2030. Much of this work will need to be done in South Wales, where Port Talbot’s largest port is .
The company said it was developing detailed plans for the transformation into future steels based on low CO2 emissions and is about to know what can help achieve its goals.

Currently, Tata Steel is looking at how new green metal products can be found on the Port Talbot page as well as testing whether CO2 emissions can be used to make other industrial products.

Tata Steel is a partner in the South Wales Industrial Cluster, which is looking at a number of options – from carbon cap to hydrogen – and has been named Sustainability Champions by the World Steel Association for four consecutive years, the company said.

Tata Steel is one of Europe’s leading metalworkers, steelmakers in the Netherlands and the UK, as well as a metalworker in Europe. The company offers the best metal products in a very complex market, including construction and construction, automotive, transportation and construction.

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