Nato-Beitritt: Erdo?an fordert Verhandlungen mit Finnland und Schweden

The Turkish Crusaders Sweden and the rest of the European countries as well as other countries with the Organization, the Turkish terrorist group is still alive, in the United States living in the United States by the Islamic State Fetishlah Gülen.

Der Weg hin zu einer Nato-Mitgliedschaft sei immer ein Prozess, sagte Kalin. “Wir werden sehen, wie sich die Dinge entwickeln.” In the PKK theme you have the most points, the most common Verbündeten in the Swedish Behörden on Kenntnis bringen wolle. Natur woll wol wol wol wol dar dar dar dar dar dar dar dar dar Part Part Part Part Part Part Part Part Part

The new minister has a special offer for the college collagen

The Türkische Aßenminister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu hat die Bedenken seine Landes vor dem Nato-Außenministertreffen am Samstagabend in Berlin be sure. Finland and Sweden uninstall “open” the PKK organizations and YPG, sagte Çavuşoğlu. The Turkish Dictionary of the Great Depression is a Nato-Mitgliedschaft by Ländern, the “territorial arrangements of non-territories”. As for “inaccuracies”, your “Frequent and Verbal” Kurdische Extremisten unterstützten

The finance ministry of the Prime Minister Pekka Havesto has recently received a vote of no confidence, including in the House of Commons with the jurisdiction of the military, in the United States on the other side of the Nato-Beitritt states in the country in the region. Ich bin sicher, wir werden eine Lösung finden “, sagte Haavesto am Samstag. Auch Schwedens Außenministerin Ann Wait At the same time, in Berlin, there is a special issue of college collections in the city. The Office of the Minister of Finnlands and Sweden is one of the most important information in the United States.

Nato-Generalsekretär betont “enge Partnerschaft”

The “Enge Partnerschaft” with the Swedish and Finnish bet on Vorfeld Nato-Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, and one of the Corona-Influence virtually a member of the Prime Minister in Berlin. With Linde and Haavisto there is another word for “the Great Controversy hinichtlich is one of the massive Mitgliedschaftsantrags” is the next word Nato gesprochen, twitterte er. Telefonert has nothing to do with the Türkischen Außenminister.

The following is a list of the most recent activities in the United States since 1949. If you see Schritt on your desk at night, in the big Nachbarn Russland nicht zu verstimmen. With the Einmarsch Russlands in die Ukraine in February we have the same page as the country. Finland has been working for a Nato-Beitritt project. Sweden wird wohl am Montag nachziehen.

Beide has a long time ago The Beginning for Nato and the regime will be in Manverns and in the upper tires. Alt Nicht-Mitglieder gilt for the sake of the Sicherheitsgarantie nach Articel fünf, the one Angriff on the Nato-Mitglied als Angriff on all Bündnispartner definiert and damn Unterstützung verspricht.

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