Music + Lyrics: Nicky Jam ft. J Balvin – X | Stream, Download and Read lyrics

The theme that revolves around “X (EQUIS)” is about a woman who greatly impacts Nicky and J Balvin, calling attention to the energy that she had when dancing. However, the adventure they had with the woman was full of rumors and people who rejected the appearance of both, but Nicky and Balvin insist that the bodies be carried away by the dance. The advertising campaign that preceded the topic was full of enigmas, one of them was to see Nicky commenting on several Instagram photos an “X”, in addition to not advancing any piece of the song. This enigma is embodied in the title of the theme, since “X” is synonymous with something unanswered, that is, an unknown. The song video reached 100 million views in YouTube within a week of its release.


Something that is really striking and unusual in the scene the urban genre is the beat, produced by Afro Bros and Jeon, which combines Reggaeton with Dancehall, with a kind of drop or break in the chorus that confirms that the beat It has a supremacy over the letter.


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