This is way is the soundtrack for the upcoming movie ” superfly ” fly is here for downloads. you can listen via the streams below. It should be recalled that PARTY next door teamed up with the future a while back to release the No shame video before this new project. THIS WAY.mp3 soundtrack for superfly has since released won the fans hearts and is shaing up to be a promising one ahead of the release of the superfly movie.

Khalid and H. E. R. rejoins in this new melodic hit single. It is a romance track with a bit of slow tempo beats. It is reportedly the 9th track in the full superfly soundtrack released by the future on June 1. You can find it below


It has been confirmed that the soundtrack movie will be released in the theatres by June 15th, 2018

Listen to This way.mp3 below

You can also listen and download This way.mp3 on Apple music

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