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Asian Dolla just struck a record label with Gucci Mane and in respect of this, a new track “Facts” has been dropped. This track features Dreezy. You can download Facts by asian doll mp3 from your favorite streaming platforms. when Asian Doll and Dreezy link up on “Facts.” Taking to a wandering, synth-heavy instrumental, both parties lay their cards on the table. No fictitious meandering required; both rappers are here for facts, though not of the “alternative” variety. As a result, the confidence of this one leaps from the speakers.

In the beginning of the track, Dreezy sets things off, she displays her prowess and proves that she remains one of the sharpest tongues in the game; the way she navigates the pulsating bassline speaks to a technically gifted mind. Asian Doll closes proceedings with a clothesline to the throat, and should you be interested in what 1017’s first lady has to offer, look no further.


Download Facts mp3 by Asian doll by playing it below


Facts by Asian doll lyrics

My luggage is Fendi, my hair thirty inches
I flooded the pendant, my windows is tinted
Ain’t no pretending, ain’t ringing, I’m trending
Salute me, Lieutenant, got VVS drip
Everything alright, factual
Flipping that work, spatula
I’m a ten when I’m natural
You bitches fake, I’m the actual

– Dreezy


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