Mompreneur Earns P800K Per Week With Her Chocolate Cone Tips Business

One businesswoman described how she was able to grow her small business to more than P800,000 a week. Lorlaine Camungol of Sundae Bites has found success in selling chocolate tips.

Screengrab: The Financial Path via Facebook

Chocolate chocolate recipes are a special meal as well as a food concept. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for chocolate in your area. Lorlaine recalled that her business started when she and her daughter craved sweets. Since he could not easily order the sundae cone he wanted, he decided to make one instead.

“My daughter and I saw a sunday pile that was exported but it was hard to order. That’s why I thought we should just do it,” Lorlaine shared with GMA’s The Financial Path.

Lorlaine took the tips of some of her cones home and filled them with chocolate. When he posted his creation on social media, he was surprised that so many of his friends were impressed with it. The wise mompreneur took it as an opportunity to earn.

tips for chocolate lorlainetips for chocolate lorlaine
Photo courtesy of Sundae Bites Main via Facebook

According to Lorlaine, their initial capital was about P3,000 chocolate. From making chocolate recipes to her kitchen, Lorlaine now has a workshop and office. They also have a lot of followers who share with sellers who are looking for their products. The proud owner said he could earn P800,000 a week.

Lorlaine’s Sundae Bites has six fillings to choose from: White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberries, cheesecakes and cakes and cream.

According to the businessman, he feels blessed to be able to help other people get jobs in the midst of the epidemic. Now that their business is doing well, Lorlaine said she hopes more and more people will have the opportunity to make a living. “Maraming resellers and kahit nasa bahay lang sila ay kumikita sila,” he said. As their business grew, Lorlaine also recruited staff and staff in their manufacturing community working with students.

Words of counsel

With her success, Lorlaine encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to affirm their goals. He added that business success it is a mixture of prayer and effort.

“I just have the courage. No matter what trials may befall us, we can endure them with prayer and persistence, ”he advised.

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