‘Mommy loves you very much’: Woman pleads for help after ex-husband flees with seven-year-old daughter to stop her from being vaccinated


Mariecar Jackson was on a three-hour walk through a snowstorm in Saskatchewan.

She had not seen her seven-year-old daughter for more than three weeks, and she was determined to take her to the home of Mariecar’s ex-husband, the boy’s father, in Carievale, Sask., A village some 200 miles[300 km]south. tomorrow for Regina, where she lives.

That’s when the RCMP called and told him to turn around and go home.

Her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, and their daughter, Sarah, are gone, authorities said.

“I remember feeling powerless,” said Mariecar. I felt hopeless. I cried all the time. ”

It was on Dec. 8.

Two months later Mariecar is reunited with her daughter. Her ex-husband has taken their daughter to an undisclosed location, even though a court has ordered her to be returned.

The cause of the problem – although not the only thing playing out – was the immunization of the child with the COVID-19 vaccine. Mariecar believed that the girl should be vaccinated; Michael strongly opposes it.

Both parents spoke to reporters, Mariecar eagerly asks anyone who can see his girlfriend to call the police, and Michael explains on the right-hand side showing his decision to take the girl in front of the vaccine and insist that she be cured.

In addition to highlighting the growing number of disputes between vaccinated parents, this is a case in point that illustrates the challenges parents face in trying to enforce custody laws.

On Dec. 8, police went to Michael’s home in Carievale to try to get the baby but found he had run away.

“I was in the car,” recalls Mariecar of her day in the snow. “I called the MLA, I called the MP, they said it was not their authority. I called the youth representative, I called for child protection, they said it was not their authority … (it seems) no one can help me.”

The couple divorced in 2018 and until recently had the right to raise their daughter. Mariecar’s home was the first home and she had the power to make decisions when parents disagreed. Following the girl’s arrest, Michael’s chances have been reduced to a court order, a court order he is currently violating, said Jill Drennan, a Mariecar lawyer and Regina’s chief of state law office.

Mariecar, who works as an academic and does not have a family in Canada, says this month has been very difficult because she wonders where Sarah can be.

“I’m very thin, but because I work with children it makes me a little crazy,” said Mariecar, whose voice was muffled by tears.

“I just feel like giving up. I try to be there for a while, so that I don’t get frustrated. ”

According to Drennan, the child has been with his father since Nov. 10, when he had his daughter visit him on Memorial Day weekend. He did not return the girl on the corresponding date of Nov. 15.

Mariecar last spoke with Sarah on Nov. 21. She was able to tell her daughter that she loved her before the phone rang suddenly.

When it became clear that the father had no intention of returning the child, Mariecar filed a motion to return to court on Nov. 26, which was given. The man immediately appealed the decision, which is still pending, but the courts refused to kill the child, meaning police could force the child to be returned later.

Michael appeared on an online show with right-hand man Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson last week and defended her decision to take the baby to an undisclosed location. He acknowledged that the woman had the final say in the decision-making process but said that she did not see her role being delegated.

She also said that she had been trying to discuss COVID-19 vaccination for her baby for “months” but the mother was adamant about her decision to vaccinate her baby.

“I saw it coming … He gave me a text message telling me to do whatever the government told me to do. That’s why my choice was made from time to time,” said Michael.

In the interview, Sarah looks back, and agrees to be listed because she wants people to see her “healthy and happy.”

Michael was not reached for comment. The Saskatchewan telephone number connected to him has been deleted.

Drennan, Mariecar’s lawyer, said he did not know where Michael could be, but was concerned that he had left Saskatchewan because he had a family anywhere in the country.

He stated: “We have no proof that people have seen him anywhere.

One thing that bothers them is that the police seem to be keeping an eye on the investigation, perhaps out of fear of warning Michael and running away.

So far the police have not released any news or requests for help. Saskatchewan RCMP declined to comment.

Mariecar said he was disappointed that there were no concrete measures in the last four weeks and said he did not connect with RCMP.

“To be honest, the police are upset, but I know they are my friends. So I’m just trying to be patient, ”said Mariecar.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal. Because when he was, he would call me and change. But sometimes I am the one who calls them all the time, ”he added.

In addition, he said police have expressed suspicion that Michael could extort their daughter from this country and do not consider her “missing”.

In Canada, courts have repeatedly appealed to parents to provide vaccinations in the event of a dispute.

In a recent ruling from Lethbridge, Alta., The judge agreed with a woman who wanted her two children to be vaccinated without permission and even their father refused. The men were also barred from discussing COVID-19 with their children because the judge was adamant that he would expose them to harmful substances.

In the Ontario case, a judge ruled that a father who hated vax would only visit his children wearing a veil and outside.

Katharina Janczaruk, president of the Ontario Association of Child Protection Lawyers, argued that court orders for a child to return to a biological parent would be difficult to follow.

“For example, if you are simply given a child custody order, the mother will have a hard time doing that. All she has to do is go to court to get an order that tells the police to find the baby and arrest her,” Janczaruk said.

“Sometimes the police just say the doorbell and don’t want to get involved. And it takes a little bit of conviction to say this is beyond the family court and you have to take action, ”he added.

Janczaruk said he had heard of disputes between parents over the mass vaccination, but had never heard of it reaching this level.

“I would say the debate over vaccination is not uncommon, but the debate so far would be out of the ordinary,” he said.

For Mariecar, the vaccine is less serious. She wants to send a message to her ex-husband to resolve their differences and consider how these issues affect Sarah.

“I want to set aside the issue of vaccination right now and look at what is important, then our daughter. And for Sarah, I just want you to know that I think of you every day. I want you to know mom did not stop looking for you. And my mother loves you very much. ”

Drennan is urging people to contact the RCMP if they see Michael or Sarah.

“We’re just hitting the wall a little bit when we don’t know what’s going to happen. And time is running out.”



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