Mercer targets gender savings imbalance

Sarah Whitelock: Mercer NZ consumer wealth leader,

Multi-manager and investment consulting firm, Mercer NZ, is looking to broaden female engagement with financial issues via a new specialist website.

The ‘Seat at the Table ‘ The site, which also offers access to the group’s investment vehicles and advice network, provides financial education content aimed at reducing the well-documented gender savings gap.

According to Mercer, research has shown that NZ women on average have 20 per cent less than men in retirement savings, report lower financial confidence and feel intimidated by the financial industry.

In aggregate women earn less, tend to take more career breaks and invest more conservatively than men, Mercer says in a statement.

“The Table aims to tackle that by offering easy-to-understand financial information to help plan a better financial future for New Zealand women and their whānau, and the opportunity to invest in the sustainably focused Mercer KiwiSaver scheme and Mercer FlexiSaver,” the statement said. says.

“For Mercer, working to support the Women of Aotearoa was a no brainer as they have been working in this space for a long time with the When Women Thrive program, and it’s time to move from the boardroom to reach everyday consumers. It’s deeper than just becoming financially literate; it’s about developing the knowledge, skills and habits that can change the course of a woman’s entire life, and their communities. ”

Launched last week, the new website – anchored around the ‘Power, Money, Security’ podcast series hosted by comedian and writer Michèle A’Court – is designed to “demystify money for women through practical content”, according to Sarah Whitelock, Mercer consumer wealth leader.

“When you sign up to The Table you can switch to the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme and then benefit from this advice offering and receive full and exclusive access to an ever growing hub of resources and invites to events and seminars,” the statement says.

The Mercer-sponsored website launch was timed to coincide with the Financial Services Council (FSC) ‘It starts with action’ female financial wellbeing campaign rolling out over the next three months.

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