Manchester City vs Chelsea result: Five things we learned as Kevin De Bruyne strike extends Premier League gap

Manchester City added their strength to the surface Premier League paragraph 13 as Kevin De Bruyne’s strike saw the defenders win 1-0 over second-placed defenders. Chelsea.

City dominated the first half but Jack Grealish was denied a foul on Kepa Arrizabalaga who blocked his shot with an outstretched leg. Romelu Lukaku approached the break but saw Ederson’s rescue effort.

His opponents took the lead in the 70th minute when De Bruyne lost to Kepa from outside the box.

Chelsea continued to struggle for chances, despite the appointment of Mason Mount and Timo Werner off the bench, and defeat was a major setback for their hopes of winning the title.

Here are five things we learned.

City are closing in on the Premier League

This was a Manchester City game that showed why they are fleeing with a Premier League title this season.

City were very strong here, with their reporters harassing Chelsea, and made the European champions look like almost.

De Bruyne’s goal was the best way to score three points and the Belgian midfielder was awarded a match. The fact that City are already visible, with De Bruyne just reaching the peak a few weeks ago, shows how he has been elsewhere.

By expanding their lead at the top of the table to 13 points, this is a victory that sees Pep Guardiola’s team put one hand on the Premier League title.

Chelsea are about to start

This was another amazing experience from Chelsea. The match was played in the same way as in September, when Manchester City have full control of the game. Chelsea looked to make the most of the midfielders, with Kovacic and Kante pushing up when they saw the chance, but they were happy to come down as City established their attacking form.

Defensive action from Kovacic and Kante put Chelsea in a good position for the first time – Lukaku chose the wrong path after trying to evade Ziyech, and Ziyech hit Lukaku when he found a place to enter. But Chelsea played carelessly – even in the face of City’s dangerous press – until they failed to score a goal in the first half of the Premier League game for the first time under Tuchel.

Lukaku is struggling

Once again, we are leaving the Chelsea game where Romelu Lukaku is the biggest problem. City’s management left the player alone on most games and Lukaku struggled to lead the line – but there are still questions to be asked of Tuchel.

While it is worth noting that Lukaku was a minor, it did not help that except when Chelsea won the ball in the middle, most of their passes failed to advance and they started playing longer and focused on the game. Belgian.

Lukaku did not receive much support from Ziyech or Pulisic when he returned to the goal, but his transfer as a ‘follow-up man’ would not make Lukaku much happier with his form at Chelsea.

As we have seen again and again between Euro and Inter Milan last season, Lukaku is very threatening after turning and running in the open, especially on the opposing sides.

Chelsea did the same – the second time Kovacic had won his third game – with Lukaku watching his telegraph efforts and Ederson’s jump.

Sterling back to form

Sitting next to Phil Foden and Jack Grealish in front of the English front three times, it was Raheem Sterling who was the most dangerous in the City.

That was great as Sterling has made his club this season and the 27-year-old is looking to start from scratch.

He gave Marcos Alonso a dangerous day at times and walking and walking in the right direction was easy, straight and dangerous.

Foden did well in nine of his current roles, though he may have been the quietest in City. Grealish saw more, and had a good chance at City in the first half, but these were some of the hardest days to sign a club history.

Kovacic Chelsea is the winner

This was a good afternoon for Chelsea but Mateo Kovacic left the Etihad as the only Blues player of the day.

His role as Chelsea’s fastest-growing football winger was the source of their best performances in the first half and Croatia managed to impress Rodri and Bernardo at times with his power and fighting.

Kovacic was greatly missed when Chelsea performed well in December and his performances here were a reminder of his early season importance.

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