‘Love After Lockup’ Lacey and Shane Relationship Timeline: From Prison Correspondence to Marriage Breakdown

When it reaches all families at Love After Closure, no other two have brought the drama continuously in any possible way Shane and Lacey Whitlow. They put every box, from the three corners of love, to a stable marriage, to have a child, ending several times and finally high division. We have ample time for the relationship between the two.

Shane and Lacey were launched for season 2 of the popular WEtv series. He was a 21-year-old inmate of a Virginia prison who had been serving a life sentence for a number of years. Cam model and mother of three Lacey’s children saw her story on “Meet an Inmate”.

Lacey was thrilled with what she saw! In addition to photos of her looking beautiful and attractive, Shane said in her autobiography, “I love to laugh, to be with others and to smile and have fun brings joy to my heart. Life is too short to live life to the fullest. I am looking for someone who wants to be happy and laugh together.

The two began corresponding, even though Lacey had already dated her high school sweetheart, John Slater. But he was also in prison and was scheduled to be released a few months after Shane. So Lacey decided to do things with Shane to see if it could be her alone, instead of John.


Shane went to Lacey’s home in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where the couple discovered that chemistry and their interest were even greater in their eyes. After receiving a phone call from John, the buxom blonde went to the prison to tell John that it was over between them. But when it was too late for the last time the two of them were together.

Shane and Lacey were married in a beautiful beach wedding in the second season of Love After Closure, although he still loved John, who correctly predicted that he would eventually return to him.

Get started LALexplosion, Life After Closure, the couple coped with the challenge of adultery and mutual trust, but in time they decided that their marriage would be a lasting one. Lacey gave birth to their daughter, Summer Rayne, November 2020, whose arrival was on display in March 2021.

Shane and Lacey fell into another period of mistrust in the third season of Life After Closure. The big show took place after the filming, when Lacey took to Instagram to inform fans on December 15 that Shane had been missing for four days. The next day, she wrote that she was found safe, but said she was hospitalization for “mental illness.” It was later revealed that the couple were no longer married, and Christmas Day 2021 saw it a very mouth-watering fight which he says affects Lacey, his father and Shane.

Scroll down the time of Shane’s relationship with Lacey Whitlow.

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