Live Updates: Novak Djokovic’s Visa Canceled Again by Australia


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Novak Djokovic, a Serbian tennis star, whose visa was revoked by Australian authorities on Friday, volley most recently in a well-known drama in his refusal to accept the Covid-19 vaccine.

Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said he was revoking Djokovic’s visa for “health and order”, adding that doing so was in the public interest.

Hawke did four days Djokovic won a legal victory that released him from refugee prison, where he has been detained since arriving at Melbourne airport last week.

The ministry did not elaborate on its decision to cancel the visa, other than to say that the Australian government was committed to protecting the country’s borders during the epidemic.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Djokovic may return to court to reconsider the decision, but legal experts say he will not be able to win his first court victory on the grounds that it is too late.

Mary Crock, professor of law at the University of Sydney, said it would be “very difficult” for Djokovic to win any appeal. “The laws of natural justice do not work,” he said. Therefore the only way to appeal would be to ensure that no interest rates were sought after the visa had been revoked.

A federal investigation led by Hawke revealed that Djokovic had given up false stories on documents issued to border officials trying to enter the country last week.

The record fails to mention that Djokovic, who lives in Monte Carlo, traveled between Serbia and Spain 14 days before arriving in Australia.

Mu post on social media On Wednesday, Djokovic admitted the errors and answered questions about his administration in the days before and after the successful coronavirus test on Dec. 16. The results of the test allowed her to obtain the rights of health officials in Victoria to play in Australia. Open.

Djokovic’s remarks were read as a plea for forgiveness and a description of the careless actor of a star player who was not used to being held accountable. He claimed that a member of his support team had committed “human error” by writing his papers. He also said that he did not make the right choice to do personal interviews and to take pictures with a French comic book. diagnosed with HIV for coronavirus.

Franck Ramella, a journalist for the French newspaper L’Equipe, wrote this week that when he was interrogated on December 18, he did not know that Djokovic had just been tested for corona virus.

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Djokovic said he did not know he had tried when he went to tennis on December 17 in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, where he presented children with prizes. But his test history shows that he tested 1:05 pm on December 16 and received the results seven hours later.

“I just want to have the opportunity to compete with the best players in the world and perform in front of the best team in the world,” Djokovic said in a post.

Earlier this week, it looks like Djokovic could do that, even if he was the only vaccinated player in the men’s tournament. Thursday, he was listed as the No. 1 seed in the men’s bracket.

On Monday afternoon, a judge found that Djokovic had been treated unfairly after arriving late on Jan. 5 at Melbourne airport, where he was interrogated for hours and denied a promised opportunity to speak to his judges or officials at the Australian Open.

The judge ordered Djokovic’s visa restored, freeing him from a hotel for refugees and internally displaced persons for five days and paving the way for him to compete in the 21st Grand Slam Tournament.

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Australian tennis officials have ordered Djokovic not to be vaccinated, in consultation with government officials, to play the game, which kicks off Monday in Melbourne. But border officials suspended his visa with the help of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, saying Djokovic had complied with the requirement that anyone entering the country be vaccinated.

The court’s decision did not end the case, but it did change her mind about Djokovic’s supporting documents, the validity of his coronavirus test and important questions about what Djokovic knew about his illness and when he knew it.

Legally, Hawke, the immigration minister, can revoke a visa if it is for personal reasons or if he has obtained false documents, or if he believes that the visa holder is at risk for health or safety. Hawke made his decision as Australia is in the midst of a major crisis with the coronavirus.

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