Les voitures de la série Lincoln Mark, Feeling Continental (Partie IV)

The following are some of the highlights of the Lincoln Mark series, at the launch of the premier Mark de la gamme game, the Continental Mark II. The Mark II is a continuation of the traditional tradition by the continental 40th anniversary and beyond Ford versus newcomers to the lucrative, deserving, prixed (and exclusive) and qualitative. C’est sur ce dernier adjectif que nous allons nous concentrer aujourd’hui; c’était certainement le center d’intérêt des gens de la division continentale avant la sortie du Mark II.

It is important for Ford to realize the positive aspect of the new Continental Mark II, a partial for a positive reaction to the marquee beyond justification for its demand. Rappelez-vous de notre derreère entrée qu’à9 96 966 $ (106 912 $ adj.) In 1956, Mark II was the American voicemail in addition to what he was looking for. Mark II is a leading proponent of modern automotive commodities in the construction industry and the glamor of the pass, and the rappers are also supporting Lincolns de la série K of années 30.

The qualitative control of Mark II is determined by a new novel. After Mark II was constructed at Allen Park Body and Assembly, an installation was completed in 1956 specifications for constructing Mark II. L’usine and his name were added to the finality of Mark II and the division of the Edsel division. In April, Edsel, located on the road to the development center of the new development programs, or Ford tested the new product. Today, we have the latest Ford Focus and replacement for the fonction that is being replaced by new ones. The factory and testes of the new features of Ford and documented the construction methods of the leur transfer process in the assembly process.

At the moment of Ford’s decision to construct the Allen Park complex, the Continental division has already unveiled a new strategic control program at Mark II. The portfolio of sept initiatives clés différentes, destinations to guarantee the quality of the product and the finality of the construction process of Mark II. Rappelons that the majeure partie de la voiture a été assembleée à la main. Plus ce ce sujet dans un instant, mais parlons d’abord des initiatives.

The main objective and primordiale of the QC program is the quality of qualifications. The exaggeration that continues in the Continental voyage has been determined by the mathematical equals as well as the qualifications possible. The norms of the levee are more than the average of Ford in the downtown, but it is traded for a special product. The four-year-old four-year-old four-year-old contenders for the top three of the production norms for the production of voulaient voulaient at the continental balloon.

L’un des résultats de l’initiative des spellings qualité a été le choix du cuir dans le Mark II. The American essayist is still alive and well, in addition to the traditional method plus the most important one in the world. Alors Continental is located on the Bridge of Weir in Ecosse and has a great deal of experience in the area. Lincoln utilizes the following pendant un specific templates and leamenera in the year 2010 on the MKS.

Ailleurs, the norms of the qualification for the absorption of metallic paintings on the Mark II. Cetema estinture est devenue populaire dans les années 50, car les Américains voulaient des véhicules brillants et brillants avec des dérives. In the direction of Continental in the long-term direction of the mint paintings and a donc utilized at the place a painting at the base of laque. Mark II is the premier Ford brand with the utility of the restaurant.

La deuxième initiative était l’inspection initiale de l’échantillon. By rapport aux processus de contrôle qualité normaux dans la production Ford, les inspections pour Continental devaient avoir lieu plus tôt. Cela signifiait du temps supplémentaire pendant la construction au cas où des rejets se produisaient. D’autres commandes d’inspection ont eu lieu dans le troisième point de qualité, Inspection de réception.

The sign of the changeable notable by the report on the report of the inspection of automobiles automobiles: Continued to respond to the responses of the tennisseur in the matter of inspection of the inspection. Toutes les pièces ont été inspectées avant at our destination in Allen Park Assembly. In other words, it is also the inspirational quote for the continental travail of the Continental.

Vient ensuite l’initiative d’attention supplémentaire à la fabrication. Ford has explored the templates of the real estate with Ford and Lincoln-Mercury and its authenticity à deux reprises tant qu’à construire une Continental. The Allen Park Traveler’s Vacation Routes utilize the templates for the weather forecast for the audience to meet the requirements of the assembly, which will allow for the adjustment results.

Lurses of the Continental Assembly, the inspection entities and entities in the case of the Mark II checker pass by 14 points of inspection différents, tous minutieux. A team of mechanics and inspectors check Mark II’s quote that the voids do not continue. With the final assembly term, I will have an inspection of the queue and a recent rhetorical order that Mark II will not be allowed to concession to destiny.

Towards the end of the process, the Mark II will rest on a mobile phone support. There is also a montage of montage tradition in Allen Park with a parallel parole: a check of the construction site, a Mark II is also located in the main building at the construction station. A sort of metaphorical assembly style British tradition, more than just qualitative.

These two initiatives start at the continental summit of the Continental, at the political level of the consultants. At the premiere of Top Management Action, the continental chefs have analyzed the various levels of quality in Allen Park, which have complied with information about the challenges and signals of clients or auxination requirements. C’était le genre de chose qu’un fabricant ferait avec de nombreuses feuilles de calcul aujourd’hui, sauf qu’il n’y avait pas d’Excel.

Enfin, Continental s’est engágé envers le service client avec l’initiative Field Service. At the launch of the exclusive program dedicated to continental clients Continental, they will be the culmination of the clients ‘clientele and the more popular clients’ clients for free access to the satellite information of their vicinity. A part of the satisfaction satisfaction is certain due to the choice left by the client in this concert by the son of Mark II.

At the courthouse of the rigorous tribute process, the art of Allen Park Body resonates with Mark II in the 19th century differs. Clients to engage in Spanish paintings in the 43rd percentile of different competitions, which will determine the specificity of the revisions differing points for the interview. Le Mark II était no pas proposal in bicolore criard comme les autres concurrents de luxe personnels en étaient si souvent équipés. Independent, Continental is compiling a one-size-fits-all approach to the client and attachment.

In the case of Mark II, there will be a beaucoup of corporate appointments for the 50th anniversary: ​​electronics, cycles and windows (and compensate for the bouquets). The common denominator comprises and comprises a significant development of the narcissistic base of carburant, which is the structure of the qualitative and leopard nature. And the words of the envoys of the kingdom of Mark II are not exactly that, chemin ils ont été faits était.

Chacun des enjoliveurs a été créé à la main. The conception of the extravagant rayons is a composite of wine assemblies at the main, chacune attachment individuellement. Of the manime manière, an artisan and an individuelment individuellement chare the letter of the Continental letter in bloc on the forest of pneu arrière.

The Continental people in the civilization reconstruit chaque noveau motote avant qu’il ne soit installé dans un Mark II. As we get used to the foil, the V8 will block the Y 368 cubic cubes of Mark II proving direct control of the Lincoln game. Independent, it will not be possible to install an all-encompassing dancer in a Continental, so it would have been simple. At the end of the day, the mechanical engine has a function of the Mark II utility and has been selected for the main part of the Lincoln montage (comma un «bon?»), The demo.

The V8 is responsible for the remediation and security of the toll of tension and the continuous control of the continental quadruple, for the assassin of the repatriated aux normes. Quand c’était terminé, il y avait aussi des inspections de performance. On the other hand, the reconstruction of the minute will be a great difference between the fines and motors of the route.

After the success of the qualitative apprenticeship, its elegant style of the millennium of the world and its exorbitant prixes, was a time of greatness in the new world under the auspices of Mark II of the Continental division in a public and private sector. Et tout s’est bien passé, non? Et bien non. Pas du tout. If you have a history for the procurement process.

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