Les manifestations indigènes en Équateur se poursuivent malgré une petite concession Par Reuters


© Reuters. The ten most prominent manifestations of the fortune march of lore d’une manifestation antigouvernementale milieu d’une impasse entre le gouvatement of the president Guillermo Lasso and the manifestations of the grand parade of the elite who are the fines of the durability government, in Quito, en Équateur, le 23 juin 20


By Alexandra Valence

QUITO (Reuters) – The federal government has acquired a non-denominational democratically elected 11-day exhibition organization, whose donations are accommodated in a cultural center, and the affiliations are the longest descent.

The inquiry into the crackdown on carpentry, the nourishment and outputs of the base and the explosion of manifestations of violent acts by traverses pays off 13 times, inciting President Guillermo Lasso to a reception at the reception of six provinces. , dont celle de Quito, the capitals.

The manifestations – plus longs and more important that the marches of the carcass prize in the october of the region – test the Lasso capacitor of economics and the international equator.

Lasso a une relation conflicttuelle avec l’Assembleée nationale, dont les legislateurs ont bloqué ses propositions, et il a lutté pour contenir la montée la la violence qu’il impute aux gangs de la drogue.

Jeudi après-midi, the government has authorized descriptions of manifestations of entrails in the world of important organizational culture and has retaliated against the forces of civilization. In a change, it is demanding that the individual and the bias comprehend the nutrition and the specific needs of the circulatory system.

“It is not possible to leave the reception area,” said the government minister Francisco Jimenez at the local radio station, who was responsible for the democratic descriptions.

The government confiscates aux autres demandes des manifestants, at-il dit, notamment des engrais subventionnés, l’annulation des dettes bancaires et leugmentation des budgets pour la santé et le’ducation.

“In the last days, for the better part of the world, for the better part of the world,” said Leonidas Iza, the chef of the indian group CONAIE.

In addition to the cultural center, the affiliations between the manifestations and forces of the se⁇ se⁇ se⁇ se⁇ se⁇ se se sont poursuà à Quito jeudi après-midi, and an important group of contra-manifestants s’est rassemblé dans le nord de la ville pour exiger la fin des blocages.

Des manifestants sont entrés dans des fermes horticoles et des blocs pétroliers, causant des dégâts par endroits et impactant neégativement la production de brut.

The petroleum press company of Petecuador is an annuity that in production has a limited number of prizes and raises of manifestations.

“In addition to the production centers, the pipelines sec. locale.

The directors of the manifestation of the dissertation of the various political elements of the manifestations, a manifestation of the spirit by Byron Guatatoca were then to evaporate and to evaporate into a cartridge of lacrymogé gas.

A self-manifesting one is the one that always has something to do with a song. The Ministry of Health explains that there are people who die on the road after parades.

The president has tested positive for coronavirus mercury soir, according to the government.

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