L’épidémie de méningocoque en Floride chez les hommes homosexuels et bisexuels est l’une des pires de l’histoire des États-Unis: CDC

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) intervened on the day épidémies de méningocoque chez les hommes gais et bisexuels In the history of the United States, there is a common communiqué.

“If the vaccine is effective in measuring the effects of global malnutrition, which is the fastest growing mortgage rate,” said Dr José R. Romero, director of the National Center for Vaccination and Malaria Respiratory Services.

«In the field of photography in Floride and in the name of the campaign Pride organizations in the last two weeks, it is important that these men are able to live in Floride as a vaccine and that is a viable agent in Floride parlent for your four-year experience of the potential of a potential candidate Vaccin MenACWY. »

It has been reported on the 24th and 6th anniversary of the men’s sex and sexual intercourse, and in the middle of the masses of the men of the Spanish camp.


The case has been investigated by the relevant authorities which is living in Floride, which has affected certain events that we have not done in the past.

Tenant un tube à essai contenant du sang. Mantiquette manuscrite avec le VIH dessus avec la case à cocher negative barrée.

The CDC recommends the MenACWY vaccine, which seeks to improve the solutions in the quorum for a number of research solutions – A, C, W et Y.

L’agence notices that all patients at the VIH clinic devise a systematic vaccine vaccine with the MenACWY vaccine.

The study is based on the C-section, and there are six species that are the most common in the world, which are the main types of species B, C and the most common types in the United States.


The CDC surveyed the negotiations with a monopoly solution in the downtime that signals the normal norms for maladies, the premium donates monitored in a number of individual homosexuals, bisexuels and other acts of sexual activity in the home.

On June 23, 173 cases of monkeypox / orthopoxvirus on other signals in the United States, do not cover 16 cases in Floride, according to the CDC Web site.

The mementoococus is the causal by having an appliqué app Neisseria meningitidis.

Environ 10% des personnes sont colonisées par la bactérie à l’arrière de leur nez et de leur gorge, ce qui signifie qu’elles sont des “porteurs” qui hébergent la bactérie dans leur corps sans être malades.

The genus ported the arc-en-ciel lorsqu'ils participated in the filami of the Miami Beach flows at long ocean Drive on September 19, 2021 in Miami Beach, en Floride.

The genus ported the arc-en-ciel lorsqu’ils participated in the filami of the Miami Beach flows at long ocean Drive on September 19, 2021 in Miami Beach, en Floride.
(Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

The transaction by contact is estranged, enumerated by the touch, the baisers or the contact process.

The other side of the coin is that the germs of the rome or the group, of which the genes do not have the same effect on the bacteria on the “contact occasionnel” or in the respiratory system or a person who is actively active in s ‘est trouvée.

If the lactic lava flows away from the corpses, the most common causes of maladies are the main ones: septicia, o la la bactérie envahit la circulation sanguine et endommage les organes; and the mamming, which is an inflammation of the protective membranes (appendages mangeninges) which recovers the cervix and the pineapple.

Gros plan du panneau d'entrée des center de contrôle et de prévention des maladies.

Gros plan du panneau d’entrée des center de contrôle et de prévention des maladies.

Symptoms typical of the upper extremity commencement of the sympathetic sympathetic fluid that progressively excels at a virtual reality, the intricacies of the spectacular laurel laacture under the protective membrane of the cervical membrane and the ocean surface.

The technological process, the negotiation mechanism under the terms of the solution, proves the signature of the people and the organizational bodies of the largest and most diverse elements of the’s’s’s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce .

Symptoms of septicemia complicate the development of fatigue, exposure, diarrhea, exposure froides, respiration rapides and degenerative processes in the muscles, les articulations, laitrine or le ventre.


«The genus gives us a vaccine against the menace and contacting the medical cabinet, the pharmacy, the health center commune the community or the local health service. The consultants do not pay for the vaccination contraindication of the specifications for which it is recommended to have an appendix. In Floride, all over the world have been working on the MenACWY vaccine since then and the service that is currently undergoing an epidemiological service », said the CDC.

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