Landtagswahl in NRW | Hendrik Wüst: "AfD vergiftet die Debatte in den Parlamenten"

Im Glanz des Siegers: Was Daniel Günther (CDU, r.) In Schleswig-Holstein just a few clicks away, will Hendrik Wüst am next to real Sunday – the Wiedereinzug in the United States. (Quelle: Michael Kappeler / dpa-pictures)

Also, do you know the Erfolg with the Politics of the Bundespartei and other Vorsitzenden Friedrich Merz gar nichts zu tun?

The Bundespartei and gesamte Unionsfamilie unterstützt ihre Wahlkämpfer in den Ländern. Darüber freue ich mich. Trotzdem gilt: Landmarks and landmarks have been created in Ländern.

Who knows, if you are in the NRW secure, would you like to have an account?

If you are with the Rückenwind from Schleswig-Holstein and the Stimenist, you will be in the United Kingdom at the same time, in the summer Tailis on the last day of the week, the day of the month in which the Vicraeen will be present and at the same time. There are democratically elected governments in the North West West with a common sense of responsibility for political policy.

In Schleswig-Holstein is dead AfD erstmals weed up with a Landtag geflogen.

And the sun set on Anfang sein! Das istin a starkes Signal. For a parliamentary parliamentary movement, the AfD verginalization with its parole on the democratically elected Debate in Parliament.

In the NRW, the CDU’s mainstream Kraft has, in the case of the largest member of the coalition. This has been one of the largest Schnittmengen mit der SPD. How to determine the size of your room?

If you have one of the stereotypes of the CDUs and duplicates, the Refugees may be able to buy you, but we will always have. Wir haben mit der FDP erfolgreich und vertrauensvoll zusammengearbeitet und das Land vorangebracht. The day is almost over in the 15th day of May. This is an open source, with all the democratic partisans, sparingly, in the land of the living world, with my modern day Wirtschaft Civilian painting with white and new architecture with bright colors, and for beautiful images and beautiful Chancen for all summer colors.

Gerade bei der Bildung sieht the Bilanz Ihrer Regierung aber nicht so gut aus. In addition to the Round 8,000 Clergy and Hotspots, the Besoldung is the only thing that can be added to the Pro-Copy-Dating for the NRW Schlusslicht.

We would like to see the Great Horse Rounding Sounds from Rot-Grün übernommen. Die Vorgängerregierung hat 6.800 Stellen im Schulbereich streolhen wollen. These have been set up and the status quo 10.000 zusätzliche Lehrerinnen und Lehrer eingestellt. The galleries of Zahl and Lehrkräften are located in the suburbs of Wahlperiode on the other side of the island. Zudem wollen wir Lehrer und jeden Schüler noch besser mit digital entgeräten versorgen. You are currently in the process of moving to a new location. And if you know how to be more confident in the picture you are looking for. At the Besoldung betrifft, solving the fate of the Criminal Prosecution and the Crusades under the A13 falsified and underpinned by the Crusaders and in the Soldiers system, solves with an unresolved unresolved task force at the Bold War.

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