Laissons-nous tomber les jeunes atteints de cancer?

Laissons-nous tomber les jeunes atteints de cancer?

By James Gallagher and Philippa Roxby
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Deborah James has paid for a private exam to be diagnosed with cancer in the test at the time of diagnosis.

Quand on pense au cancer, une maman glamor dans la trentaine n’est pas la première image qui vient à l’esprit.

My name is Deborah James, a podcast of Toi, moi and Big C, and she has 35 years of experience to discover her cancer of the test. The analyzes of blood and cellular revenues normally and son-in-law of the realistically are “without a fox, more than a fox in six months” in an attempt to evade a void and a tumor in the intestines. The diagnostic is one of the things that make it payable for the examiner alone in private.

The experience of solving the questions on our notebook has been determined by trait and trauma and cancer has been linked to 40 years. Simplement, laissons-nos tomber les jeunes atteints de cancer?

Il ya un grand défi ichi – le cancer est rare quand vous ètes un enfant ou un jeune adulte.

The cancers make up the tout-petits se produisent, mais ils sont incroyablement rares. The risky augment of the anniversary of the anniversary, if the rapid acceleration of augmented 55 years.

Graphique de

More vivons longtemps, plus the cells of notre corps on the temples for accumulating the mutations that transforment the cellular signals and cancers. In our time, our system of immunization, which is the only thing that can be solved, deviated from its effectiveness.

In fact, in an unlikely event, 4.3% of cancers were diagnosed in Royaume-Uni concern for a total of 40 years, plus more than 75 percent of the total number of cases of cancer.

Recommend a unique presentation for us and the decorations that are so simple.

Lorsque if we are young, if we are in the middle of suspicionibles d’Atribuer une mauvaise santé au cancer. The changes in our cells make it easier to deal with stress, and you can get rid of the toes that may cause you to have a malignant bowel disease or hemorrhoids. Parce que, pour la plupart des gens, le cancer est quelque chose qui arrive à nos parents ou grands-parents.

Charlotte is a beautiful girl, who is 5 and 7 years oldSource d’images, Charlotte Maden

Charlotte Maden a subi unise intervention chirurgicale pour un cancer of diagnostics and attend savoir and she will always be a chemist.

Charlotte Maden, a 38-year-old student from Lancashire, is one of the most successful cancer diagnostic researchers.

“I have always said that the cancer of the test will have a problem for me – I am a young man, I am a good man, I am a man, I am not a man, I am not a man of beaucoup – I am a person who is a person », Dit-elle.

Charlotte says that we are “pentent qu’ils sont invincibles et que cela ne leur arrivera jamais”.

The very idea of ​​deciding whether to engage in any of these activities is not the same as the traditional dictator of cancer: “There is no prescriptive drug that will stop the use of drugs.” C’est un appel à rechercher l’explication la plus courante ou la plus probable, et plus vous ètes jeune, moins le cancer est susceptible d’être derrière vos symptômes. Cela help with the resources to limit the resources of the service to the extent that they are more than just.

If you make a sign that certain people plus young people do not have to appear as fast as possible, then the probability problem may affect the person. Rapport Never Too Young de Bowel Cancer UK and by 2020 it was revealed that quarters of people interrogated on the 10th anniversary of the genocide of three of the three most influential people in relation to these tests for all those who have had cancer.

“It is not possible for the democratic media to have a problem,” said Genevieve Edwards, director general of Bowel Cancer UK. «Ce [bowel cancer] est rare chez les jeunes…. Ce sera généralement autre chose. »

La question est – et si vous étiez le zèbre, ce cas relativement rare qui a un cancer à un jeune âge?

Charlotte, who has a good reputation and a strong sense of identity, is also responsible for making it easier for the media to have a “perfect” attitude and to make it easier for them to live in the real world. Elle is a diagnostic tool for coloscopies and a non-invasive intervention for the third week plus more.

“If the decision has been made, it will probably be just a matter of time. Je lui dois probablement beaucoup vraiment. »

L’une des choses les plus importantes est de diagnostquer le le cancer à un stade précoce. If we do not have high standards, then they will not have facial features.

The women of Cancer Research UK montrent that, in the world, the cancers do not have jet sts defect plus all that these people do.

It analyzes for the BBC that 74% of cancers are being investigated by a team or a team based on 40-year-olds in England. Ce chiffre tombe à 46% chez les personnes de plus de 40 ans.

Cela se répercute également sur les chiffres de survie. If you look at the survivor chiffres à cinq ans dans presque tous les cancers, 15 à 40 ans ont ta ta de de survie les plus élevés et les chances diminuent avec l’âge.

Seulement 1% des décès par cancer – environ 2 200 par an – concernent des personnes de moins de 40 ans.

Graphique des chiffres de survie au cancer

The existence of exceptions notables in the model. Cancer Research UK affiliates that the surviving survivors have been diagnosed with cancer and have tested positive for genes that have been exposed to the human body and have been exposed to positive influences in the past. which develops in leur corps.

For example, the cancer of the testicles is more susceptible to treatment on stage 4 of the people who do not have a diagnosis (the case of which is in the case of 50 years) that the cells do not have an antibody in the duration (a number of plus of 50 years).

But all the world is not going to be able to duplicate all the world and we are going to have to focus on the people and the suspicions of the beneficiaries. The downtrend is at a rate of 100%, the size and size of the population and the number of entities in the lure of the number of people in each of the three states.

Duration of descriptions:

Summer and day in decade train all over the world?

The clausement place is the diagnosis of cancer diagnosis and trauma for people, young and old.

The International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership has been challenged to compare the statistics on cancer among différents pays. It has compared sept cancers dans sept pays similaires – Australie, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and Royaume-Uni.

Le Royaume-Uni is one of the only survivors in the world, analysis in Lancet Oncology a montré.

Trouver des cancers is a problem. In addition to the pandemic, the environments of the cancers in England are the only diagnostic implants that the human body has ever been able to recover from an accident and urgency. Cela pourrait ètre un cancer of lentestin qui devient si gros quiil bloque les intestins, provoquant une urgence médicale. If there is any surprise, there are cancers in the areas where there is a lot of plumbing (environ les trois quarts) of the commissioners at a certain level that they are more likely to do with traits, which is a sign that the survivors are probably probable.

La pandémie a aggravé la situation, les gens ne se faisant pas examiner et les services de santé étant soumis à une une pression intense. Genetic mediators in England on the positive side of a quart of millions of references urgently for the cancer in March – the death of more than a dozen deputies in the October 2009. Associations caritatives contra lean cancer for the tests and the results of the event to diagnose the cancers as well as long as the jamais. Cela crée de la pression et des retards, and dissuade les gens de chercher de l’aide médicale.

In the world today, according to Cancer Research UK, the population is expected to attend more than 28 days after the death of the medically predictor for the onset of cancer – and commute the trauma in the month of diagnosis.

But for the sake of the objectives of the attentions, the organisation’s affirmative affirmation that the decentralized entities on the basis of the good accepts rapids aux tests: «Cela soutiendra et encouragera [GPs] for orienter les patients le plus tôt possible », déclare la directrice générale Michelle Mitchell.

To complement the diagnostic process, the solution to the problem of governance is that “the NHS is responsible for the main and qualitative provisions of the next level”.

The Organization for the Advancement of Cancer The Trekstock is said to be the most important and the most important for young people who are increasingly responsible for the benefits and benefits of the fines. Cela signifie connecter les gens, leur donner des informations utiles et les aider à s’épanouir, explique Jemima Reynolds, responsable des programmes.

Capsule miniature utilisée dans un enoscopie du coneSource d’images, Getty Images

Une minuscule capsule contenant une caméra transmet des images de l’intérieur des patients

Quelles sont les solutions?

The new tests will determine the accuracy of the diagnostic process.

For leukemia in the test, a FIT (test immunochimique fecal) – which makes it possible for the cancer in the cache – to be effective and effective in determining the timing of the tests in the tests tests on tests.

S’il ya des saignements, on vous proposera une coloscopie pour en découvrir la cause – lorsqu’un tube avec une camera à l’extrémité est placé dans votre passage arrière pour regarder à l’intérieur de votre gros intestin.

Une nouvelle alternative moins invasive est utilisée par certains hôpitaux en Angleterre et en Écosse. An endoscopy by the capsule compliant implant a minuscule camera of the plane of the plane of the patient by the patient. The prelude to the militia d’images au cours de son parcours dans le intestin, permettant aux médecins de trouver la cause des symptômes.

The NHS fonctionne également un essai d’un nouveau test sanguin to find out the genetic fragments of the genetic material of the cells of the genus for all of them to diagnose 50 types of cancer in a stark plus predictive. If you do not have the ability to test the test in the same way.

Certainly this is a plus of significant sensitivity to the symptoms of cancer in the brain – but more than the symptoms of cancer cancer is a positive effect.

“Genetic sensitivity is inclusive and difficult to deal with,” said Genevieve Edwards, of Bowel Cancer UK. «Connaissez simplement votre corps et faites confiance à voter instinct, et si quelque chose ne va pas, allez voir votre médecin généraliste. »

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