Labrador's Hilarious Reaction After Wedging Himself in Tiny Dog's Bed Goes Viral

One dogAttempts to violate the laws of physics are well known TikTok.

In a video uploaded by rerelucas76, an aspiring Labrador tries to squeeze himself into a dog bed.

Fortunately, the cow is able to wrap itself inside a brightly colored mat but, as her unflattering voice shows, it is not good enough.

The video can be viewed Pano.

Another excitement was added to the scene following the fact that a small dog seemed to be hiding nearby, apparently no one was too happy to be chased out of their bedroom.

All the while the owner is heard calling his dog’s toys “stupid” and laughing in the back. He’s not the only one who sees the funny side.

The slogan “If I have enough, I live” was seen more than 4.7 million times on TikTok and animal lovers eager to show appreciation for the post.

“This is funny, bless me,” myshiningstar41 wrote with littlehoneybear_ adding: “Aww he’s so cute!”

Some were just amazed that Labrador fit in there. Mzcia said the dog “did the job” and pczerkas said, jokingly, that the pooch fit on the bed “like gloves.”

Floofzinc admitted that it “looks good” when mv_roughdiamond found it all consistent, saying: “We’ve all tried to make a small enough blanket.”

There was also a lot of sympathy for the little dog in the movie too.

“Poor little dog,” cutepuppy wrote. “Every big dog does this,” said GriffsGarage87. “They always want to be in the wrong place,” added Elia Senties.

According to the owner, the little dog is a mini pincher and a chihuahua crossbreed.

Newsweek has contacted rerelucas76 for comment.

While it may seem strange to ordinary observers, the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University says it is common for dogs to seek out small, seemingly barricaded places.

“The idea of ​​sleeping in a” pit “is built into the DNA of most dogs, and many prefer to run for one, especially if it is a place where they can see what is going on in the family but should not be dogs, part of it,” they explained.

The video comes a few days later a a picture of a chihuahua entering a dog bed where the cat was sleeping spread on social media.

Dogs have a tendency to take their pets, as one video shows a dog sitting on top of a cat’s owner shows.

Although the dog’s actions in the second clip were a source of other entertainment, the cat” s offended by the ensuing commotion that confirmed a major overhaul.

Labrador artwork. A bird similar to this one caused people to sew and try to lie down on the ground to sleep on a small dog bed.
artist / Getty

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