L.A. County files suit over warehouse fire that led to sickening odor in Dominguez Channel


Los Angeles County filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing homeowners and tenants of negligence over a garbage dump that sent garbage to the Dominguez Channel last year, causing a foul-smelling odor to spread in Carson area for weeks and evicting thousands of people.

The area, along with its fire protection and flood management areas, said the owners of the depot and the renters were aware of fire regulations and fire damage before the September 30 fire but did nothing to address it. It seeks to recoup millions of dollars in research costs, cleaning and relocation, as well as human penalties and penalties.

According to the complaint, fires and the release of hazardous substances from stormy sewers and into the road “should not occur.” A few months before the fire broke out, the complainants said, the defendants learned that dangerous items stored in a warehouse “were in high risk of fire.”

The warehouse at South Avalon Boulevard in Carson is owned by Prologis Inc. and leased during the fire by the jewelry manufacturer Virgin Scent Inc. and Day to Day Imports Inc. Day by Day the Virgin Scent is hers and is run by Akiva Nourollah. , Yosef Nourollah, Yehuda Nourollah and Yaakov Nourollah, according to the complaint.

In March, a Prologis specialist who was visiting the warehouse saw 15- to 20-foot-long[20-20 m]burning piles on the floor, with the boxes leaning against the floor and spilling on the floor.

The expert explained his findings to the property manager, who informed the tenants.

Two months later, after the Fire Department issued a daily call for the improper storage of hundreds of pellets of burning water in a warehouse on East 59th Street in Los Angeles, investigators realized the company could also store dangerous or flammable materials. his Carson warehouse.

In May, the fire department visited Carson’s warehouse and renovated it daily with improper storage of hazardous substances including essential oils and hand sanitizer.

Supervisors returned in July and August to find that the errors had not been corrected and that sometimes things had gotten worse.

In July, the district “saw millions of randomly stored fire extinguishers outside the stadium,” and in August, “officials noticed that the entrance to the fire department was closed …

A few weeks later, the afternoon of Sept. 30, the fire started, “fueled by more than ten million kilograms of flammable and hazardous substances stored there illegally,” according to the complaint.

It took firefighters three days to put out the blaze. Millions of waterfalls have been used to dispose of waste and waste in the stormy sewers that feed the Dominguez Channel.

After the fire broke out, the occupants reportedly failed to properly clean the area. The fire brigade also issued a statement.

In early October, locals began talking about the smell of rotten eggs, toilets, and vomiting coming out of the way. The stench caused nausea, vomiting and headaches and was considered a public health problem.

“The stench lasted for several weeks and made a large part of Carson and its suburbs almost impossible,” he lamented.

Thousands of people were temporarily evacuated from their homes because of the stench, which, according to the complaint, was caused by equipment washed in the way, “causing hydrogen sulfide to be released into the atmosphere.”

County Superintendent Holly Mitchell, whose district includes Carson, said the case was crucial in seeking to bring charges against people near the Dominguez Channel.

“While this case will not end all the problems and hardships that thousands of people experience,” he said, “it will help ensure that people with the problem pay for the pain that could have been avoided.”

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