Kim puts heat on Oh in two-way WPGA battle, Morgan hailed 'next Greg Norman'

LPGA Tour champion Grace Kim has secured a place in Australia’s first WPGA competition to win in Brisbane.

The 21-year-old’s goal at the Royal Queensland Golf Club (GC) in Brisbane put him at least five in the competition and in the shooting of night leader Su Oh.

Playing during the day, Oh started circling with the first two birds before dropping the gun to at least six to six holes.

The race intensified when Sarah-Jane Smith was shot in the back of the Oh, with young Karis Davidson left with two wickets in the back while the 24-man wrestler battles for the first title.

Kim, who just won at Geoff Ogilvy’s Sandbelt Invitational last month, came in this weekend confident that they can help him despite missing out on birdie putts for a second straight day.

“I let several pass, then I’ll be putting green on soon,” he said after finishing the round with some frustrating remarks.

“I didn’t give it a chance. It was definitely what caused a few pars to lose, but in the end, it was good.”

Playing this new event in the Australian PGA tournament, Kim was accidentally placed in the Ogilvy team for the first two tournaments.

“It was a round time that I could not ask for,” said Kim, who hopes to get a full-time opportunity on the LPGA tour this year.


“His idea to give us a chance to play, is very good and … his short and playful games.

“Being able to keep to himself, not to show that he is playing badly, is a great way to learn.”

Ogilvy, who will probably miss the cut after finishing three, said Kim is the “complete package” and the source of the legacy left by Karrie Webb, to whom the new WPGA contestant has been named.

“He’s not weak, he didn’t show any nerves – the whole package,” he said.

“I was very fond of Karrie … and legend, she gave the Aussie girls a feeling like ‘wow, we can be the best in the world’.”

A large crowd followed their group, Kim pressuring the many girls who were waiting for her autograph afterwards.

The project following the success of the Vic Open and Sandbelt Invitational has had a variety of events.

“It just shows how it enhances competition with boys and girls (playing together),” Ogilvy said.

“I love playing with them, they also really enjoy it and we get sick when we see the same old blokes every week.

“Look at Australian Open tennis; the situation is good in the future and in the future, a process that can work globally.”

‘Next Greg Norman’

Jed Morgan on the second day of the 2021 Australian PGA Championship at the Royal Queensland Golf Club.(Getty Photos: Chris Hyde)

Meanwhile, Jed Morgan shot a team of eight people under the age of 63 at their home in Royal Queensland to advance to the Australian PGA Championship.

A newly converted expert shot eight people at least 63 – a recent academic record – to complete the 14-down Friday.

The 22-year-old was led by a stunning six-day shot in the middle of the night as Louis Dobbelaar, a night walker, endured a roundabout stay at least seven.

With no U.S. players on the pitch, the stage has been set for a new face to be introduced by US Open expert Geoff Ogilvy proudly stating that after the rounds that Morgan could be “next Greg Norman.”

A graduate of Sport Australia Hall of Fame, Morgan joined coaches Ricky Ponting and Graeme Lloyd former Major League baseball.


“The two have just opened their minds and tackled things like this,” said Morgan, who greeted the thriving crowd as he nailed his eighth bird to a memorable finish.

“I do not take many words or statements from people, the way they act and all of them are violent people especially when they are competing with the way you should be.”

The competition, back to RQ for the first time since 2001, did not compete in 2020 and was delayed until earlier this year due to COVID-19.

The delay caused all U.S. U.S. stars to miss out, leaving a team of developing Australians fighting for the first prize of $ 180,000.

Ogilvy finished three overs and could miss, keeping his praise for having a new record.

“I don’t know how many people chose him but everyone should have it,” he said.

“He has a golf course at his feet, if all goes well, and he plays well and takes his chances.

“My parents have always been fed up that they saw Greg Norman win the West Lakes Classic in 1976.

“No one knew who he was and he came and he won, and everything else is history.

“This goes here. Jed could be Greg Norman next.”


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