Kate McCann named as Political Editor for talkTV

  • Reporting on talkTV startup,
  • I also contribute to NewsRADIO’s talk UK radio and Times Radio.

London, January 14, 2022: News UK Broadcasting today announced the election of Kate McCann to the new position of Political Editor on talkTV, a major new TV channel that is due to be launched early in 2022.

Meanwhile a political reporter at Sky News, Kate has brought Lobby’s rich information to the forefront of talkTV’s first season, as well as frequent appearances on. Tom Newton DunnWeekly news and current affairs. He has also contributed to News UK, talkRADIO and Times Radio.

A Westminster-based political journalist, Kate is well-known for her coverage of news coverage and false news coverage. Prior to joining Sky in 2018, she worked for The Daily Telegraph as a major political journalist and The Sun as a political journalist.

Kate was highly regarded at the Press Awards in 2017 for her Labor manifesto presentation, the first time that a political manifesto had been unveiled throughout the newspaper. At Sky he launched and presented Campaign Unwrapped, an election video designed to give people an idea of ​​how politicians are campaigning. He appears frequently on several Sky podcasts every day and every week.

Kate was chairman of the Press Gallery in 2018, with only the second woman to have the title in more than 200 years.

Kate said: “TalkTV will be a new and well-known voice in the UK and we are determined to bring the highest quality journalism and social media as they wish. ”

Scott Taunton, CEO of News UK Broadcasting, he said: “A surveillance and locker camera we are assembling the top team in the world to bring talkTV to the country, and Kate is the best choice as a Political Editor. One of the rising stars in Lobby, his in-depth analysis and his ability to deliver world-class high-tech equipment will enhance our audience’s understanding of Westminster machines. “

Kate’s nomination follows an announcement earlier this week that Tom Newton Dunn will be hosting a major, regular and recent news show on TV. An exciting one-hour demonstration will take place provide the viewer with information that is relevant to them directly and effectively. News UK The world-renowned professional journalist from publishing and broadcasting will contact Tom every night to share the latest news in their respective fields, from The Timespolitical team that The sunshowbiz desk, TalkSPORTWriters and business journalists from News Corp. It will also have a form policy-making dialogue with a regular stakeholder group from all political parties.

The show will be part of the first talkTV talk show, and will be broadcast in front of a new show from a well-known publisher. Piers Morgan.

talkTV will provide a mix of software. There will be clear stories, sports and entertainment shows, as well as recent events, debates, ideas and articles that invite the expertise of journalists and broadcasters from the News UK content category, inclusive. talkRADIO, TalkSPORT, Virgin Radio, Times Radio, The sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

The video will be screened live and available on all platforms, including TV and OTT, with live television content and News UK newsletters. Everyone in the UK will be able to access the channel and its programs, live or on demand, whether on television or on any other device.

News UK will continue to recruit more specifically new talent to join the evening program and there have been some announcements in the coming weeks.

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