Jordan Peterson Defends Joe Rogan After Hundreds of Scientists Speak Out Against Podcaster

Jordan Peterson defended Joe Rogan after hundreds of scientists signed a letter condemning the singer “spreading over and over again.[ing] false and misleading statements.

About 270 U.S. doctors, scientists, health professionals and professors have subscribed to Spotify, which features its podcast. The experience of Joe Rogan, to talk about their concerns.

The letter calls Rogan about “false media reports, especially of the COVID-19 epidemic.”

The artist was assisted by Peterson, however, a Canadian psychologist and tweeting author: “Joe Rogan: King of Misinformation. This is why so many people love him. CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS (who doesn’t lie or pretend) @JoeRogan Leave her alone @Spotify and censor everywhere. “

Scientists who wrote the letter are particularly concerned about the December Rogan’s podcast featuring Robert Malone, a medical expert and immunologist who claims to have developed the COVID-19 vaccine.

The issue has been widely criticized for promoting conservative ideas about the virus and vaccines.

“Dr. Malone used the JRE platform to promote many myths, including a number of myths about the COVID-19 vaccine and the baseless assertion that group leaders ‘deceived’ people. Many of these things have already been challenged,” the letter said.

At the time, Rogan said: “There are every rumor you can hear about the hospital’s compensation for the death of COVID and that the government is funding and encouraging them.”

Malone replied: “It is not a rumor.”

The letter added that “many of the public’s falsehoods are extremely dangerous.”

It continued: “As scientists, we are faced with controversy as people grow up to distrust our research and our expertise. As educators and communicators of science, we have a responsibility to create a biased understanding of science and medicine.

“As doctors, we are facing a serious epidemic that has expanded our medical practice to the limit and is exacerbated by the anti-vaccine ideas contained in this article and other Rogan podcasts.”

Newsweek contacted Rogan’s representatives to present the open letter.

This week, Rogan admitted that he “seems speechless” on his podcast discussing the COVID-19 vaccine with Australian publisher Josh Szeps.

Rogan said the common heart problem was linked to the vaccine, but the notion that vaccinated boys had a higher risk of myocarditis – inflammation of the heart – than the boys who took COVID was challenged by Szeps in real time.

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