Jan. 6 hearings 'are going to blow the roof off the House,' Raskin says

Thursday Zoom singing by freedom fighters, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., Said the upcoming talks with the Jan. 6 investigating the US Capitol riots by supporters of President Donald Trump “will blow the roof off the House.”

“We will do our best to sing all the information we want and achieve what we want. But even if we do not find anyone last in it, we will have talks that I believe will be compared to the Watergate talks, because they will blow the roof off the House to tell America what really happened. , “Raskin, who sits on the election committee, told about 40,000 people who had seen what he said on Facebook.

Although former Trump executives and aides mocked the subpoena for more information and evidence, Raskin said the committee had spoken to more than 400 witnesses so far who had already laid the groundwork for the hearing.

“I hope everyone will watch and I hope everyone will discuss, and then it will bring a report that, I believe, will be a turning point in American history,” he said.

In response to questions about Trump’s own prosecution of allegations that he lost the 2020 presidential election because of voter fraud, which sparked the January 6 riots at the Capitol, Raskin promised to “count.”

But you know that the boy is a criminal, and he is involved in crime throughout the country, including torture and rape. There is bank fraud and real estate fraud and tax fraud, ”said Raskin.

“And there are prosecutors across the country, looking at it all. I don’t want us to take Donald Trump too seriously – they will meet, you know, who made him, one place or another, there will be accountability and accountability.”

Representative Jamie Raskin, D-Md. (Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call via Getty Images)

The committee has already made headlines in a series of text messages that claim to show that Sean Hannity of Fox News “foresaw the plans of President Trump and his legislature on January 6,” and that Ivanka Trump. he encouraged his father to prevent violence in the Capitol.

The committee also said this week that it had consulted with them Trump’s Agent Ray Epps and issued statements attempting to refute the claims of some observers that Epps was either an FBI agent or informant when he encouraged people to enter the Capitol. Epps appeared on the FBI’s most sought after list shortly after the January 6 threats, which were later dropped, which some Republicans claim are reflecting the FBI’s involvement.

“I’m not sure the FBI is good enough for anything, but I do believe it could not be enough to put their agent on the Most Wanted list,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, one of two Republicans serving. on the committee, told Yahoo News.

The committee appointed on January 6 has been conducting its research for seven months, and is planning to hold a televised interview to report its findings in the coming months. Raskin said he understands that many Republicans are simply trying to “run the clock” in the polls until the mid-term election, when many politicians expect Democrats to lose control of the House and, as a result, Jan. 6.

Meanwhile, Mr Raskin, who served as manager at Trump’s second suspension, sounded confident that the upcoming lawsuits would touch on.

“This is the most cohesive committee I have ever sat on, with a democratic chair and a second for the Republicans, and what I see is patriots who work every day and every evening to tell the truth to the American people before it is over.”

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