James Gunn’s Peacemaker show finds the humanity in a cartoon villain

WAMTENDERE (James Gunn). It starts on Thursday, January 13 at Crave, with new episodes every week until February 17th.

Problem of a The peacemaker followed by a remake of his title, well-known in comic books who thinks he is a hero. Can a bad person be a good person? Zedi! But how do you get him there?

It was started by author / director James Gunn in Suicide Squad Last summer, Chris Smith — a man with a big shiny hat, a constant urge to bleed and John Cena’s poor physiology — is a strangely disturbing phenomenon. Made a living tool from childhood with his abusive father, he became known as Idris Elba’s enemy. Blood game: where Bloodsport was a mercenary with a heart of gold, Peacemaker was just a stone killer. Making him the right person to take root? It will take time.

And so here it is The peacemaker series, foolishly trying to turn a crazy comic book into a real boy. It’s not much different from what Gunn did with Elba inside Suicide Squad, though Elba put in her good money and strong influence that made her grow into a leader. A peacemaker is not a leader; rather, he is a very distant object, an undoubted follower who is fully committed to any work that is in line with his goal of reducing as many people as possible.

Gunn doesn’t want to redeem Smith, not enough. Arc stream The peacemaker the series is about finding personality within a person who is active: a person who believes in himself or herself, but has no intention of understanding the complexities of the world around him or her. And how do you guide a murderer who is seeking excuses?

The simple answer is the same as Dexter, in that the hero is a murderer who simply kills many assassins. Gunn has chosen a different path, sending Smith back to a secret place in the hands of his captors Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and John Economos (Steve Agee), his Gunn’s acquaintance. Suicide Squad video. Both have been sent to work with Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji) and new assistant Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) on a project that could be of global importance, although at present only a handful of people live near Smith’s Washington State. home, waiting for something.

Gunn is playing a strong role here, returning to his eternal heads of unexpected families, the challenges of fatherhood, and the challenges of heroic worship. (He is no longer afraid to use the idea from Suicide Squad which he gave earlier Slither, and the one who begins to feel shopworn a little.) And given that his idea of The peacemaker– a machine that kills a person with a single mind with no sense of humor and a vague idea – looks very similar to Drax The Destroyer in his book. Guardians Of The Galaxy movies, one might wonder if Gunn is just content to play, this time with the sound of ’80s hair metal instead of’ 70s pop.

But there is enough going on in the corners The peacemaker which sounds new and different. Cena is an actress, but she is also allowed to do more than just ignore everyone’s jokes this time around. Chris has things to fix, such as his relationship with his ugly father (Robert Patrick), a racist who has been frustrated by his son because he does not have enough for the rest of his life. Chris also has to deal with Vigilante (Freddie Stroma), a chipn wannabe sidekick lover whose anti-crime strategy makes Peacemaker look like a United Nations ambassador in comparison.

Gunn also offers the same timing as Leota of Brooks, who owns his parent property within the DC Cinematic Universe. As a newcomer to the dark world – and for a long time – Leota is obedient, trying to follow all the amazing science and history that everyone just wanders around exploring his vast space. story. Brooks, who started Orange Is New Black, makes Leota feel real and human, struggling with his loyalty and the distance his new job puts between him and his wife Keeya (Another LifeElizabeth Faith Ludlow). And the relationship that Brooks and Cena builds between the characters – unbelieving, precisely, but kind of professional – continues to thrive, as Chris and Leota’s intentions change over the course of the series as Gunn expands the story. he says.

Maybe he’s playing, but the guy knows what he’s up to: his throwing instincts haven’t changed, the musical choices sound organic rather than counting and the desire to be destroyed is always appreciated. Many modern stories try to believe in reality, which leads to better human relationships; Gunn goes the other way, finding humanity in a poor country.

This is a showcase with the potential for life-threatening dangers around the world as well as a place where two haters put aside their hatred to appreciate the words of Hanoi Rocks. From there or not, the whole thing goes downhill like candy: I ​​burned the first seven portions for two consecutive nights. I can’t wait to see how it all ends.


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