Is Johnson running the country or ruining it?

Image courtesy of ITV for PMQs 12 Jan 2022

Author Russell Bruce

Boris Johnson’s remarks, which were carefully read to Wednesday’s PMQs, revealed his strained relationship with the truth and how the dissenting politician jumped on the thin and broken ice. If we were to judge that according to Locke’s skepticism about our ability to get into real life then we would be facing the problem of a deep lack of Johnson’s beliefs, words, actions or policies.

Johnson’s immature personality is said to be alarming that he could be in a political position because he has a talent as a entertainer, not something he could turn to on Wednesday.

The side view shot from the radio video report is a clear picture. Tory MPs stood up with their hands crossed and showed the depth of his unpredictable involvement and the habit of never-provoking people. This time he has provoked the public outcry to the point of expelling him from Downing Street.

There are many assumptions that he will survive, criticize others, and reform the cabinet, which many of his MPs have been clamoring for months. Johnson could be an accidentist but so is Downing Street as it is. This gives Johnson a way to escape and he will use it as a way of saving.

Is there more to Johnson than a joker in a pack?

We are always faced with the challenges that Johnson may have more than we can handle. To some extent there is, based on its legal policy. That is; human rights violations; coercion of people who have lived among us for many years of their lives, and were often born in the UK, abroad; pushing for legislation that has made it difficult for many to vote and violates the right to freedom of expression which is a fundamental right of citizens in democratic countries.

It is this legal system that sets out the values ​​of democracy that have been known for so long that many people do not have access to what is the true foundation of the legacy of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. But there is no precedent here, all copied from a Trump playbook that some have done before. The question becomes what we would have had when he left, and this is very dangerous.

The new Prime Minister will be favored, but the anti-human rights movement and democracy will continue to be given a new varnish to the thin fabric. The party is constantly evolving and indicates that there will be a new settlement that will be planted on top of covid income, inflation, Brexit, inflation, and the end of time supply, whether tomatoes or widgets.

Having a ‘funny person’ in front of the story doesn’t change the process, and the moment the player has to have a question that the Tory team is struggling with. Do they need him or her for a long time to be a fallen person? Or should he act immediately? The pressure grows with strong freedom having strengthened its position. He is confident that all will be opened by the end of January and the end of all Covid bans, all of which could affect public health and NHS stress.

People who are nervous are easy to control with jingoistic messages. All EU offenses. The health budget is huge. Blighty won WW11 alone. The need to bring US medical services companies with the money that goes from people’s wallet to higher prices on home doors. Oh, the worst risk, the pre-existing, the worst, the worst, but the government can no longer help. The government is spending a lot of money, it should tighten the belts, not us – just you a lot out there.

Tory counselors are starting to have surgeries in their area and complaining about the cost of treatment.

Tory MP: “Oh, your asthma inhaler costs you £ 200 a time. If you take out private insurance you should get one for around £ 50.00. Oh you can’t afford insurance, I hope you don’t need the best op. Your dad says, give him my best wishes.”

Constituent: But what about the inhaler I really need?

MP: Many food stores are expanding medical barns. I suggest you try it. Who’s next?

Meanwhile the ‘Scottish Tory Party’ is on the rise

Concerns for politicians in Scotland are leading to the reorganization of the Conservative and Unionist system north of the border in recognition of the fact that the central area right away from London could provide relief. The Baronness disagreed, though he was not a Johnson fan. Establishing any links to the Tory in England seems to have a serious impact on these conditions. The English party is ruled by strict freedoms and the removal of Johnson will not change that. Any redress will only be worn on the window so you can be re-elected by 2024.

Douglas Ross’ Rees Mogg’s criticism of being light-hearted in place of the current Westminster Government is where most UK ministers fall easily in the lightweight category. What about Johnson himself? Is he the richest man in politics? He has lived before and can do so for some time. Being an informal survivor does not make Johnson light-hearted. We think this is how history will judge him.

Where the Rees-Mogg political ideology comes from

Johnson is essential for freedom

This is why the Tories in Scotland are twisting their hands. They know they will have a war in their hands if London decides to force a right wing wing. There is a perception that in Scotland voting for independence could damage the reputation of Global Britian. There is also a very common perception that Scotland is probably a bigger problem than it should be for as long as England’s progress increases, either under Johnson or someone else, to lower, lower tax rates and a coastline tax support line.

Starmer was fully registered in Brexit. He’s moving the Labor party to the right, drawn by Johnson’s right journey. The Labor Party in Scotland remains very united and handcuffed in Westminster. The only way for Scotland to become a prosperous and just nation is to become an independent nation and return to the EU.

Under many laws, especially in Europe, the PM goes to the polls. The immutable UK law allows the Prime Minister to be replaced without an election that gives the Tories an opportunity to reflect on time. He did well in the by-elections four years ago so he would have been expecting a loss. Conservative councilors are very nervous but it seems likely that the Tories are expecting a bit of recovery before May and many have taken the wait and seen. The danger is that voters who do not want to vote when others find it easier to vote for another party because it is not an election.

There are many challenges in the future with the sharp rise in electricity prices, the introduction of higher National Insurance rates, difficult negotiations with the EU will not succeed and will add to the difficulties in importing essential goods. If Johnson survives Sue Gray, as he predicted, he could only come in May. Speaking of another May, it was the Prime Minister who put the election in jeopardy when he voted 20% only to find that it ended and swept him aside because he despised all of Corbyn and how much he suffered with the ERG. The recent 10% increase in Staff does not seem to be very difficult in the middle of the season, but things are very fluid so it remains to be seen if the Tories at Westminster can control their nerves.

Johnson apologized to the Queen on the eve of a funeral party held on Downing Street. His superiors may not be ridiculed but he has his own problems. For the monarchs, like the Tory party, it is the organization that must survive whatever it poses.

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