IOTA advances to Phase 2 in a pre-commercial procurement process for EU blockchain infrastructure


  • IOTA is one of the six areas selected for Phase 2 development which will focus on “research, prototype development and lab testing” on the EBSI network.
  • The IOTA Foundation will strive to address key challenges such as scalability, collaboration, leadership, identity, and collaboration.

The IOTA Foundation is becoming a popular platform for building the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI). Thursday, January 13, IOTA he announced that it has been selected for Phase 2 of the EU blockchain prior to commercial procurement plans.

IOTA is one of six people selected to undertake Phase 2 development, among the 35 participants in Phase 1. The official announcement states:

The IOTA Foundation has been selected as one of five contractors for the second phase of pre-purchase 2A that develops prototypes and tests that could lead to future changes in the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).

IOTA says the development and testing of Phase 2A will take six months. Here, the IOTA Foundation will focus on “research, prototype development and laboratory testing” in which to raise funds.

The IOTA team will work behind IOTA technology in key areas such as scalability, interoperability, security, electrical power, intelligence, collaboration, and control. IOTA, along with other stakeholders have worked to ensure that future EBSI reforms can be transformed into a dynamic, secure, secure and integrated infrastructure. One of IOTA’s partners in this implementation will be Software AG.

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Key areas where IOTA will operate in Phase 2 of EBSI

One of the key priorities of the IOTA Foundation during the Phase 2A trial will be the integration of the IOTA program with the EBSI infrastructure. It will also work on improving protocols for various EBSI cases such as IoT, tokenization, and administration. The five main components of IOTA will be:

  1. Scalability: This is one of the most important aspects of EBSI’s emphasis on its goal of helping a growing audience over time. The IOTA Foundation is working on how sharding can be used in the EBSI blockchain to align with the system established by the DAG and the smart protocol from the committee. It can result in a multiplicity that facilitates the use of a larger volume as observed by EBSI.
  2. Links: Establish a coherent affirmative approach to ensure diversity and sustainability. For this reason, IOTA has developed a standardized manna system that provides maximum flexibility for both – unlicensed and permitted to use. This connection method will be flexible and flexible.
  3. Authority: The IOTA response needs to be adjusted to align with EBSI’s regulatory frameworks and “requirements from the European Union, the member states of EBP and various European Institutions and Regulators”.
  4. Note: IOTA will endeavor to implement the GDPR-based Identity Solution with a new EU digital information framework provided by the European Commission. This will allow businesses and citizens to better manage their data.
  5. Links: Along with scalability and decentralization, one of the most important components of EBSI will be integration. IOTA will assist in providing chains and non-chain chains to other protocols outside EBSI. It will also provide support for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and other commercial systems. IOTA said its response would provide support to the company’s established boards and SDKs.


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