Improve your balance with the GNARBOARD balance board

If you want to improve well is your own right real exercise the GNARBOARD and GNAR BALL team can help. Made from environmentally friendly materials and craftsmanship, the counting board is made from the highest quality Baltic birch and can accommodate up to 350lbs.

balance boardbalance board

The makers of the balance sheet claim that it is the strongest team in the market that can never move, wreck or twist and use. GNARBOARD is now available back via Kickstarter and promises first bird now available on board starting at around $ 109 or £ 80 (depending on exchange rates here).

Strengthen well and strong

balance board prototypebalance board prototype

“What is GNARBOARD? GNARBOARD is the most refined and challenging board on the market. Designed especially for experienced runners, the ballpark and start-up design provide a complete 360 ​​° rotation. From muscle flooding, skateboarding, snowboarding to mountain biking and much more, GNARBOARD can help you stay focused and take control of your game. ”

Assuming that the GNARBOARD fundraising campaign is well underway and that the project is progressing well, international shipping is expected to take place sometime in March 2022. For more information on GNARBOARD balance board project see promotional video below.

“The problem with current boards is their lack of progress and complexity. They often use a cylindrical object to work together, which makes them more efficient. As a result, they lose their coaching skills or adjust their regiments. That’s why GNARBOARD uses the ball and not the ball. cylinder The ball allows a movement of up to 360 ° Suppose you put a ball under a flat board without a start.

When you stand up, you see that leaning slightly in each direction can lead you to your leaning, thus reducing your need for balance. This is because physics is working with you. In addition to the starting point, the ball is so small that it can move naturally, thus, making the rider responsible for dealing with the physics that are working against you. “

patent board artpatent board art

For a list of all the available support services, extension goals, broadcasting and board skills, visit the GNARBOARD official financial support page by checking the link below.

“GNARBOARD currently does not have a patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Within 9 months we will complete the final patent. Our US program No. 63/264,206”

Source: Kickstarter

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