How To Treat And Cure A Scorpion Sting- 5 Natural Home Remedies You Must Know!!

Scorpion stings — although painful — are mostly harmless. About 30 of the estimated 1,500 species of scorpions can inflict potentially fatal stings. In the United States, only the bark scorpion, found mainly in the desert Southwest, has venom potent enough to cause severe symptoms. Elsewhere, lethal scorpion stings occur predominantly in Mexico, South America, and parts of Africa, the Middle East and India.

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Scorpion stings are most serious in young children, older adults and pets. In the United States, healthy adults usually don’t need treatment for scorpion stings, but if your child is stung, seek immediate medical care.

[size=18pt]Symptoms of a Scorpion Sting[/size]

Most scorpion stings in the United States cause only minor signs and symptoms, such as pain and warmth at the sting site. The venom of the bark scorpion, native to Arizona, New Mexico and Africa(Nigeria), is more toxic and can be life-threatening, particularly in children.

Mild signs and symptoms might include:

>>Pain, which can be intense
>>Numbness and tingling in the area around the sting
>>Slight swelling in the area around the sting

More-severe signs and symptoms might include:

>>Muscle twitching or thrashing
>>Unusual head, neck and eye movements

So what happens if a human gets stung by a scorpion? [/b]Some common symptoms of a scorpion sting are a tingling or burning at the sting site, numbness, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, blurry vision, or seizures. In some rare cases, pancreatitis – a painful inflammation of the pancreas – may occur. Some symptoms of pancreatitis are abdominal pain, chills, fever, sweating, and nausea. Onset of symptoms is usually quite rapid and can last for between 24 to 48 hours.

If stung by a scorpion, the first thing to do is to make sure you get yourself out of harm’s way and avoid another sting. If possible, try to remember what color the scorpion is or snap a photo with your smartphone; do NOT try to catch the scorpion because you might end up getting stung a second time


1 Ammonia is regarded as an important remedy in the case of a scorpion sting. Applying a little of ammonia solution over the bitten area can help in relieving from the intense pain and swellings. Soaking the infected limb inside a solution of ammonia for about 10 minutes can also help in reducing the inflammation.

2. Mango leaf is one of the anciently used remedy for the problem of scorpion bite. Freshly extracted sap of mango leaves can be applied on the stung area immediately as this is found to be very useful in reducing the pain and inflammation. Consuming a glass of mango juice is also considered beneficial in fighting the pain.

3. Cortisone cream is found to be effective in dealing with the problem of scorpion sting. Apply a little amount of cortisone cream over the stung area which is helpful in reducing the inflammation as well as the pain. Applying ice packs, as mentioned above is another home cure for the same.#

4)Garlic is found to be an excellent remedy in the case of poisonous stings. Applying a little of garlic paste over the bitten area can help in dropping the spread of poison as well as the pain. The scorpion bites can be very efficiently cured by in taking a tablespoonful of garlic juice mixed with a little of honey

Basil leaves are also proved to be favorable in the treatment for scorpion bites. Applying a little of freshly extracted juice of basil leaves over the bitten areas can be handy in reducing the swellings as well as the severe pain caused by the scorpion bite. For better results add a small amount of salt along with the basil leaves juice.

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In general, it is a good idea to go and get checked out at the nearest hospital or health clinic if stung by a scorpion – especially if the species of scorpion is unknown.

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