How to Move From Android to iPhone in Simple Steps


Wondering how to move from Android to iPhone in a hassle-free manner? Dive into our article to find out quick and easy steps that can help you make the switch.

In 2021, iPhone sales skyrocketed. Apple dominated the premium smartphone market in India last year, shipping roughly six million iPhones. During the e-commerce deal, some Android smartphone owners may have converted to an iPhone. Late last quarter, the new iPhone 13 models appeared to be in high demand.

Data transfer is one of the most difficult issues that Android users experience while migrating to iOS. Because the two systems are distinct, moving data from an Android phone to an iPhone differs from transferring data from another Android device. If you’re considering switching to iOS, here’s how to make the transfer from Android to iPhone.

How to Switch from Android to Apple iPhone:

  1. Backup Your Data

Make sure you have backed-up all of your data before making the permanent transfer to a new device. Go to your Android device’s settings and search for “backup & reset” (on some devices, this option may be under “Cloud and Accounts”). Then double-check that your “Backup account” has a functional email address and that “Back up my data” is set to “On.”

2. Google Photos

Both Android and iOS smartphones can use the Google Photos app. It’s a good idea to use the app regularly, not only when transferring to a new phone because it provides limitless storage and automated backups.

If you do not already have the app, download it before you make the transition. Allow it to back up all of the photographs on your camera roll after that. Simply install the Google Photographs app on your new iPhone, sign in, and you should be able to access all of your photos.

3. Move Your Data

· Set up your iPhone 13 or any other iPhone model until the “Apps and Data” screen appears.

· Select “Move Data from Android” from the drop-down menu.

· Open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone and select “Continue.”

· On your Android phone, enter the 12-digit code that appears on your iPhone.

Your Android handset will connect to your iPhone using peer-to-peer WiFi after the right 12-digit code is entered. The program will also prompt you to select the data types you want to transfer to iOS. This includes information from your Google account, bookmarks, messages, contacts, and photographs, among other things.

· When the transfer is finished, press “Continue Setting Up iPhone” to continue the procedure.

4. Download Apps Manually

All of your favorite apps may be downloaded to your iPhone. Apps do not migrate from Android to iOS, so you’ll have to manually download them to your new smartphone.

Furthermore, if you paid for any apps on the Google Play Store, you’ll almost certainly have to pay for them again. Otherwise, all of your important data should have been transferred to your new device.

Any music, books, or PDFs on your Android phone will need to be manually transferred. You may download these files from your Android phone using the Android File Transfer software on your Mac or PC. You may either import them into iTunes and sync them to your iPhone, or you can upload them to iCloud Drive.

Hopefully, now you know how to go about the transition from Android to iPhone.

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