Hit Perfect 3D Strategy Guide – Make Every Shot Count With These Tips and Tricks

Hit Perfect 3D is a soft archery simulator that sees you running around a series of levels firing arrows at the bad guys who are trying to take you down. You’re going to have to be accurate and smart if you want to get the best scores, as well as learning a few other things to keep your score trending upwards.

What sort of other things? Why, the sort of other things we’re going to cover in this guide, of course. We’ve played a decent chunk of Hit Perfect 3D and discovered a series of strategies that are going to take your bow and arrow skills to Hawkeye-style levels.

Makes no odds if you’re just pulling back the string for your first shot or you’ve already mowed down a few waves of bad guys with a repeating crossbow – there’s going to be something here to help you out. So get your quivers ready – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Hit Perfect 3D.

Always be aiming

Even when you’re on the move between the different sections of a level you should be on the lookout for shots you can take to make life easier. Is there a far off enemy? Take a shot at them and try to take them down before you even reach them. Use the time you have and always be aiming.

Look for combos

Look for ways you can take multiple enemies down with a single arrow. Are they stood in a line? Try and hit them all. Close to a barrel? Hit it and try and kill them all with the blast. Make the most of the opportunities the game presents you with and always be on the lookout for cool combos.

Read the writing

On some sections of the levels you’re going to find instructions written on the walls. Keep an eye out for these and make sure you follow them. Sometimes they’re pretty straightforward, other times they might take a bit of thought. But if you’re doing what they say you’re going to do just fine.

Don’t shoot blue

If you see any characters dressed in blue, you need to avoid hurting them. If you do accidentally kill them, you’re going to fail the level and have to start again from the beginning. Enemies are in red, good guys are in blue. Keep the blue people safe however you can.

Get extra coins?

The game gives you a chance to watch a video to get extra coins at the end of each level. You can spend these on new bows and other boosts. For the most part, though, it’s not really worth it. The bows are mainly just skins, and you can finish most levels without the boosts. Just keep playing instead.

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