Hacking is Hacking

Tom Nardi and I had a great laugh this week on Podcast when he compared ECU spends a lot of money which led to the conversion of a VW-powered steering wheel to self-driving crash last week changed the water cooler to fill another cup. But it really is not a joke – the same methods are used for both attempts, even the result of one is life-and-death, and the other is discarded ice.

This reminded me of the Travis Goodspeed story which is now very popular. “In appreciation of Food theftBack in 2016. In the past, this was a time when IoT weapons and security were in their infancy, and some of the security forces were casting a shadow over the dissection of the commercial ‘breast “. (Looking back from today, when another member every Botnet is an IP camera, the dispute did not go well.)

Travis’ response was that embezzlement tends to focus on what is going on – the hacking itself – and not on the consequences. Emotions rise when a security breach affects millions of people, but when it comes to Tamagotchi or a pocket calculator, it does not matter, so you just look for real solutions. And as Travis points out, many of the techniques learned in nutrition can be helpful when read. He learned about ways to overcome static-location addresses, for example, from an old hack on the TI-85 calculator, in which garbage collected the changes that needed to be recorded.

That’s why I had distractions in my mind when I looked back Good news for Hash Salehi on his reverse engineering smart meter career. Interestingly, he started his professional back 11 years ago and worked on the LIDAR module for cleaning robots. Necessary theft, sure, but the same techniques taught him to use weapons that are very difficult. And in the worst case scenario for Hackaday synergies, he also wrote a Travis story in his video! Stealing and hacking!

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