Grieving MPs in tears as they demand answers over No 10 ‘lockdown party’ as Boris Johnson dodges Commons grilling


The grieving MP shed tears today as he protested Boris Johnson’s involvement in the No10 alcohol campaign.

The Prime Minister avoided an argument that took place this evening when angry lawmakers forced him to resign over alleged misconduct.


Boris Johnson answered questions last time on his way to the vaccination center[/caption]

Labor MP Afzal Khan and DUP MP Jim Shannon both spoke of the pain of losing their mother at the same time.

Minister Michael Ellis, who was sent in his place, insisted that the Prime Minister “go nowhere” and said that the opposition should wait and see what he has done.

PM and Carrie he says he went to “bring your beer” Meeting convened by No10 CEO Martin Reynolds on May 20, 2020.

Just minutes before 6pm the “remote drinks” Brits were told at a press conference to follow the rules in moderation. external meetings for two people.

In a heated debate by the Commons, he criticized Johnson for refusing to answer questions – and beating him in his absence.

DUP MP Jim Shannon wept as he spoke of his deceased mother-in-law who “died alone” from Covid.

Labor MP Afzal Khan spoke about writing “Real Eid” at the time when his “beloved mother” died with Covid in March 2020.

He states: “She died in the hospital while I was sitting in my car, trying to get as close to her as I could.

In extreme cases:

  • Downing St said the PM “had all the confidence” in Reynolds
  • Mr. Johnson declined to comment further on the No10 drink
  • Senior Tories lined up to blow up the PM because of his silent wall
  • But others criticized Labor for wasting time and epidemics

Downing St Today he was in trouble after an email in which Mr Reynolds invited more than 100 employees to drink after work.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister this morning declined to say whether Johnson had violated the law, but pointed to earlier allegations that he was innocent.

Yesterday Johnson declined to comment if he had gone on a May 20 drink and answered a number of questions today.

Mr Ellis, Paymaster General, was mocked when he was fired – and shouted “where is the Prime Minister” from opposition lawmakers.

Deputy Chief of Staff Angela Rayner said Mr Johnson’s show “speaks volumes” and called it “extremely frustrating”.

Mr Ellis declined to comment further on the party and said he did not want to look into the investigation into Sue Gray.

He said: “It will prove to be true and if the offense is proved there will be appropriate punishment.

“As with any internal investigation, if the evidence is incorrect, the matter will be referred to the Metropolitan Police and the Cabinet Office investigation will be suspended.”

Scotland Yard reconnected with the cabinet and opened the door for police investigations.

But defending his boss Boris, Ellis said: “The Prime Minister is not going anywhere.

“The Prime Minister still maintains the confidence of the people in this country and has done so for the past two years with many people in the last few decades.”

But many Tories on his side have stood up to criticize the PM for what has been a rallying No10 since the end of last year.

Depressed Conservative Councilor Sir Christopher Chope became indignant: “Why can’t dirty clothes be washed all at once? Why are we getting drip, party drip feed?

“Really, the Civil Service must have known there was a party on May 20 and they would have already sent it to investigate?”

Tory colleague Baroness Davidson said: “If No10 does not understand the anger that is there, then they will find out the anger soon in the next few days.”

He told BBC News: “Based on all we know – there were people I knew who were, you know, unable to hug their mother at their father’s funeral and help her out.

“And to think that this is happening, is just … impossible. It cannot be protected.”

Tory MP Robbie Moore said: “The whole country is very committed during the epidemic and many are angry.”

Former Labor Minister Angela Eagle said: “The Prime Minister should come here now and tell us what happened.”


Michael Ellis was sent to defend the PM[/caption]

Email sent to staff at No10 by Martin Reynolds

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