Greens satisfied after first year of pact with Labour


Through attempts to prevent closure and delay delays due to Covid-19, Green Party leaders say they are waiting for a year, Marc Daalder says.

Green Party leaders Marama Davidson and James Shaw say they are proud of the work they have done in the first year of the district but that next year they need to change policies and procedures to make it work.

Davidson, author of the Minister for the Prevention of Family and Violence, highlighted the recent release of a 25-year plan to end domestic violence in New Zealand homes during a year-end interview with Newsroom.

“The focus on this is going to rise now that we have done this. It took an amazing job to get us through the line,” he said.

“It was necessary to bring together 10 organizations to work on unprecedented projects to work together to find a way.

“Now we are really looking forward to it – delivering what we said we would do that way.”

Earlier, the National Party had announced its support for the program, which could help to prolong life and see it implemented in successive governments under the auspices of various parties.

“I want to work with every politician. I truly believe that every politician in this house wants to see people live in peace and non-violence,” Davidson said.

“I have been in various discussions with ACT and National members to work on the project. That ‘s not surprising at all but I am very happy to see the National offer such statements.”

Shaw said he hopes most of his focus will be on climate change next year. As Minister of Climate Change for the next four years, he oversaw the dual phase of the Zero Carbon Act and developed a plan to reduce emissions. The plan began to take effect gradually this year, with the release of the Climate Change Commission’s first advice on emissions and how to achieve this.

“This year is a year in which we have seen all the work we did at the end of last year. The highlights of this year’s event – Clean Car Discount, climate change legislation, seasonal $ 1.3 billion program assistance in the Pacific, ETS Final work – more of the situation has been in other parts of the state. “

Next year is when they will start coming together, Shaw said.

“The project plan is a nutshell, isn’t it? But the three main things I have to look forward to next year are the Emissions Reduction Plan, then three months later the National Adaptation Plan, and then He Waka Eke Noah and agricultural products. A cost plan.”

Is New Zealand about to change its emissions system?

“It’s changing. It hasn’t changed. There are about 15 or 16 countries in the world that have significantly reduced their emissions since 1990. In all other countries, they have gone, including ours,” he said.

“In the discussions we had with the countries where this happened … what they say is that it’s time to reduce your emissions from your economic development, that’s the hardest part. Quantity. For me, that’s the time we’re here.”

These leaders are also pleased with the work that their whole team has been doing in holding the Government accountable.

“Where there are areas [around climate] where we think the government should move forward, I think our MPs have not been coerced, “Shaw said.

I mean, Teanau [Tuiono] launched a campaign around the PKE import, which is made from palm oil companies as well as a major source of pricing and helping to increase milk production and so on. I feel like, it’s a strange system, but we do. “

No one was bothered by such criticism to destroy relationships with Labor.

“When the opposition does their job, they are promoting the Government. They are the healthy Opponents. But the Opponents who are destroying you when you just want to weaken the Government to get involved, well, we are. I am confident we have done well,” said Shaw.

“It’s relationships and relationships,” Davidson said.

“I have a responsibility to oversee organizations related to violence prevention and to respond to non-violence. I have Jan Logie as a non-senior MP bringing interest to the ACC and success and change. This is possible.

“People understand that we are also our political party. James and I are also leaders. And even in my homeland, I still talk about rent, capital gains tax, economic taxes.”

Nothing can say that the year has not been without its difficulties. For Shaw, the most difficult time was delaying the release of the Emissions Reduction Plan until May, when it was due by the end of the year.

“The most difficult moment this year was to push the Emissions Reduction Plan. I was not happy about it at all,” he said.

Davidson said he suffers from closure and how it affects his whānau, his community and his working life.

“This has been my first full year as a minister, in the case of Covid, and I have been away from my family 95 percent of the time. For eight weeks now I have been in Wellington, not returning to Auckland.”

“But that’s not the case. Just need to stay straight and be a good minister, I really have a chance to know that my family is fine so I can focus on my job and especially that it is far from them.”

“Even if you were in Lockdown, you never were, were you?” Shaw added.

“No, and it’s very difficult,” Davidson admitted.

“In many groups and individually, everything is trying to do your job and, being a resident of Auckland, is the family and community okay? To be honest, it was things like looking after my uncle who had to negotiate less money and their salaries were cut. ‘look after life and try to do the job.’

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