Google and Facebook CEOs allegedly signed off on an illegal ad deal


New report via BuzzFeed news highlights unchanged claims from the 2020 lawsuit alleging that Google CEO Sundar Photosi and Facebook (Meta) CEO Mark Zuckerberg have both signed unauthorized advertising.

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These illegal advertisements are said to have plagued Facebook special privilege when using the Google AdSense platform. Unedited court documents filed Friday and submitted by BuzzFeed News confirm the claim.

The lawsuit is based on a complaint that was first filed in December 2020 by Texas and a number of other countries against Google for engaging in “false, fraudulent, or misleading” practices while using the online marketing and marketing system. In a lawsuit, senior state attorneys allege that Google collaborated illegally with Facebook, its fierce competition in the digital advertising market, in the 2018 financial crisis Google dubbed “Jedi Blue” based on Star Wars.

Prior to the event, Facebook appeared to be threatening Google ‘s market presence by promoting an advertising campaign called “head-to-head advertising.”

“Google understood the seriousness of the threat of its position if Facebook were to enter the market and help bring headlines,” he read the complaint. “In order to spread the threat, Google disrupted Facebook.” In the end, Facebook left Google after it approved the offer of social networking “information, speed, and other benefits” on Google-driven ads, the complainants said.

The recently revised complaints show that the deal took place at the highest level of companies, a well-known part of the partnership from the two most powerful companies in the world.

BuzzFeed news

Meta is now the parent company of Facebook.

BuzzFeed News goes on to say that Zuckerberg was aware of the plan but had to meet with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to discuss it before signing. Both companies have made statements in this regard calling the allegations “inaccurate.”

“We sign hundreds of agreements each year that do not require the approval of the CEO, and this was no different,” Google spokesman Peter Schottenfels said in a statement. “And contrary to what AG Paxton said, the agreement was not confidential – it was well known. It only helps FAN. [Facebook Audience Network] and advertisers who represent them to participate in Open Bidding, as do more than 25 other friends. “


“The non-Meta partnership with Google and the similar alliances we have with other platforms, have helped to increase the competition for advertising,” Meta spokesman Stephen Peters said in a statement. “These business partnerships enable Meta to make more money for advertisers while paying better for the publishers, which makes everyone more successful.”


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Last Updated on January 15, 2022.

Google and Facebook are plotting to steal advertising money


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