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Sir Jared Polis delivered the annual State of the Nation address on Thursday. Here are the stories from Colorado Public Radio, The Denver Post, Denver7, and The Colorado Sun, among others.

Democrats of DRM hopes to increase paid leave and increase funding to prevent COVID-19 and support for a new long-term package.

According to CNN reports, it looks like Russia will take over Ukraine in the coming weeks:

A U.S. official warned Thursday that “the drum beats loudly” following talks between West and Russia that ended Thursday.

The attempt ended without any notice on the tens of thousands of Russian troops gathered at the Ukrainian border, leaving hope for future talks and a downturn in which Russian officials have said they may soon turn to war.

Both US and Russian officials spoke out in hopes of holding talks at a conference in Vienna on Thursday in Vienna. It was the third phase of a week-long summit in which the United States and its NATO allies hope to persuade Russia to achieve a “reduction and dialogue” approach instead of encouraging thousands of Russian troops whose presence has increased. on the border of Ukraine.

But Russian officials were disappointed and impatient to leave the summit, saying they were ready to suspend US-NATO talks and refuse to heed Moscow’s demands: Assurance that Ukraine would not be allowed to join NATO and that the alliance would be restored. its growth in Eastern Europe. The US and its NATO allies have repeatedly stated that such views are not new to Moscow.

Monga The Washington Post reports, Russia is trying to make excuses for itself:

The Russian government has deployed workers in eastern Ukraine in preparation for possible attacks that could be blamed for the uprising, Biden officials said on Friday.

“We have information that indicates that Russia has already appointed a task force to work in eastern Ukraine,” said a US official, who did not want to be named according to the rules set by Biden officials, he said in an email. . “These workers are trained in urban weapons and the use of explosives to destroy Russian weapons.”

Also Friday, Ukrainian government websites have been affected by cyberattack it certainly looks like it came from Russia.

Democrats in Colorado’s Congressional Delegation are requesting the United States Department of Justice to investigate Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Letter from Reps. Diana DeGette, Joe Neguse, Jason Crow, and Ed Perlmutter its purpose is to try to ensure that there are no opportunities for information sharing among the police that would help prevent the accident.

Republican State Rep. Mark Baisley has had a wonderful week. First he voter binding machines are processed into tin drawings to weaken people not to put them in the microwave, or something, and then he went on the stage at the GOP press conference to clearly explain his forthcoming rules. disregarding scientific evidence and declaring environmental protection to COVID-19 It is best to just get vaccinated.

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Here’s the good news: The staff and management at King Soopers seem to be back on the negotiating table. From The Denver Post:

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 called on King Soopers negotiators to resume talks on Friday. A spokesman for King Soopers, Colorado’s largest retailer, said Thursday that the company hopes to return to negotiations…

… Kim Cordova, president of the coalition, said trade lines from Boulder to Parker would remain in place as negotiations continued.

“We are committed to honoring the vote that 7 members of Local 7 have taken to destroy the company for operating unfairly,” Cordova said in a statement. “And we will continue to do so until the company is committed to giving due respect to its key employees.”

At a meeting on Thursday, one day after workers had resigned, Cordova said the union had asked leaders of the Colorado King Soopers to sit at a table to continue negotiations. He said Joe Kelley, President of King Soopers and City Market stores in Colorado, had briefly attended the talks, which ended the first week of January.

Republican Senate representative Gino Campana wants to secure a place in the June Primary vote through the Republican convention agenda. At the moment, Campana does not seem to be considering collecting signatures as a means of storing retrieval.

King of Pueblo reports of the Republican congressional campaign Don Coram, who wants to remove Rep.Lauren “Q * Bert” Boebert in the June Primary Election.

Boebert, meanwhile, is nervous about the threat the Coram may pose to its political future.

Climate activists pushing Gov. Jared Polis do more dealing with the problems of oxygen and water.

Monga Colorado Public Radio reports, Democrats are making efforts to help local police recruit and retain more police officers:

Assistance with the police is something that resonates with the highest levels of government.

Speaking in the Gov. Jared Polis, on Thursday, called for law enforcement, saying, “Today we stand up.”

He later promised extra funding for training and recruitment and medical care.

Weiser is working on a $ 10 million funded by Democratic state Sen. Jeff Bridges who can help retain existing officers and recruit new ones as well as provide them with additional injury counseling if needed.

Colleges in Pueblo will need proof of COVID-19 vaccine or absence from hospital to return to classes.

► Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and investigating allegations of price increases about people trying to recover from Marshall Fire in Boulder County.

Colorado is reducing the qualifications for new teachers as school districts across the state struggle to have adequate staffing.

► Owner Westword Literally, drunken driving in Colorado is still a bigger problem than “high-speed driving.”

POLITICO looks for small groups that can spread false news:

In a recent study, we found that it was not the cautious mind that tended to promote false information, but the subgroup of those who had two mental states: depression and anxiety disorder. Most importantly, we found that a number of other things we tried – including in support of former President Donald Trump – did not predict the fact that they could share falsehoods.

Our findings suggest that it is wrong to lie about political rights – yes, to put them at greater risk. Instead, it can be very useful for researchers, social media, politicians and members of the media to focus their efforts on people with low consciousness (LCCs for short) in particular. However, our findings also indicate that actual research was not the best way to prevent carefree people from sharing false stories, meaning other alternatives.

President Biden and sounding hopeless about the possibility of issuing major electoral reform laws.

In related articles, Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Cinema will likely face Primary challenges in 2024 if they can try again to be elected.

► Editorial Board of The Washington Post enough with the Junior House Leader The Story of Kevin McCarthy cattle:

Junior House Superintendent Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Is an important witness in Jan. 6 Capitol attacks. It is understood that the House committee investigating the riot wanted to cross-examine him. But McCarthy announced Wednesday that he would not agree, saying that the investigation was a misuse of force to destroy Democrats’ political opponents.

This is a man who boasted in 2015 that the House Republicans used their Benghazi investigation to injure Hillary Clinton the former Democratic president – who, by the way, testified freely for 11 hours before the GOP protests, which did not provide evidence of wrongdoing at the time. -Secretary of state in connection with the 2012 Libyan insurgency that killed four Americans…

… Submission to a minor leader has never occurred, but his character is tantamount to disregarding his oath of allegiance and protection of the laws of the land to all enemies, external and domestic. In a bid to become the next GOP House speaker, McCarthy instead allied himself with the enemies of democracy. [Pols emphasis]

► If you are going anywhere in the Eastern United States this week, be prepared for very late due to the weather.

Say What, Now?

Congressman Ken Buck (R-Greeley) seems to be confused with the idea of ​​”winter break” in high schools.

Your Daily Rate of ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

► Time management, Senator:

The Republican National Committee and pushing for a request for would-be Republican presidents to refuse to participate in negotiations approved by the Bi-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates.


Recall Polis-Griswold’s new initiative quadrupled its cashier numbers in Q4 of 2021. Now it has four full dollars!

Monga Ernest Luning reports a a book formerly known as the Colorado Statesman, Senator Michael Bennet (D-Denver) continues to raise huge sums of money for its re-election.

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