Georgia Stanway at the double as Man City continue winning run

Georgia Stanway scored twice to help Manchester City stay strong in the Women’s Super League with a 3-0 win over Aston Villa.

The England international has twice scored seven goals as Gareth Taylor’s side have won five consecutive wins in all competitions.

Stanway opened the scoring five minutes later when he received a pass from Ellen White and fired.

It was 2-0 thanks to a very good team goal in 40 minutes. Lucy Bronze found White with a passing ball and the England player turned on a low-key substitute who was replaced by Vicky Losada.

The points were completed 16 minutes before the Stanway-type entered the back.

After a difficult start to the 23-year-old campaign, in addition to being chased against Manchester United, the striker has now scored five games in a row to help City sit fifth on the table.

Manchester United climbed to the bottom of the third leg where they left the winter before beating Birmingham 5-0.

Marc Skinner’s side were playing their first game since December 19, when they beat Villa five times, repeating the trick with a clear first-team display.

Captain Katie Zelem took United ahead 12 minutes later with a quick double from Leah Galton’s 3-0 lead.

There was another time before the break when Ella Toone’s attempts hit the crossbar and added goalkeeper Emily Ramsey to make her own.

Alessia Russo finished the scoring in the 71st minute when she scored her fifth goal of the World Cup campaign after Arsenal’s surprise victory last week.

United climbed to the top of Tottenham, who will host West Ham on Sunday, while Birmingham remain 11th, a point that is at the top of the league.

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