Genshin Impact: Where to Find All Photo Locations for Reminiscence of Seirai

Reminiscence of Seirai is an international search Genshin Impact which is consistent with the whole doctrine of Electro Nation Inazuma. This activity will provide information on the abandoned island that is surrounded by forever storm, Seirai Island.

How to Receive the Seirai Quest Reminder

The search may begin with a photograph of an ancient monument located on one of the most iconic monuments on the island of Seirai.

A small structure located on a passing hill Koseki Village. You can teleport to the waypoint at the top of this hill and you will find a few temples descending from it.

Once you have the picture you will go to Narukami City and ask around the Tourist Group if they have any information about your collection.

Just past the Adventurer’s Club, near the bridge under the Sakura tree, you will find a runner named Furuya Noboru. He immediately realizes that the old picture you have is of Seirai Island.

However, they do not know much more as they have not been able to properly survey the area due to lack of resources and human resources. He will point you to the person by name Oda Torou. You will find him standing on the bridge at the back of the city market.

Oda Torou has been looking for someone to accompany her to visit Seirai Island and has even sent a delegation to replace her.

Oda Torou’s interest in the island stems from the fact that his parents came from there. Her family has three pictures of Seirai’s shape that she saw she needed to see. But because of his present circumstances, he could not leave just to visit his parents. Instead, he asks you to take a picture of the exact location of the photos using the Camera.

All Packed Space

In addition to the photo you found, there are four different locations on Seirai Island that you should take a look at. Search may not list this place, so your only information is the artwork you have.

Although Oda Torou told you to take pictures with a camera, the search will not end if you use the tool. You will need to use the game-generated camera features that you can find by opening the Paimon menu.

Take a look at the artwork and when choosing a location and angles for drawing a picture, make sure that most of the elements shown in the images are included.

You will know if you have the right angle because the message will appear when you enter the image path.

Location number 1: Koseki village

The photo should be taken from Koseski Village. It is located at the top of a cliff southwest of the Slumbering Court Domain.

The view should overlook Koseki Village and the entire rear rock, as well as another portion of the water below.

Malo No. 2: The Holy of Holies

These beauties are to be photographed from the rock southwest of the village of Koseki. The water around the island should be shown. The Torii Gate leading to the way to the temple should also be included in this picture.

Place number 3: Seiraimaru

In this third place, you have to sit on a rock in the water to cross the wreckage. This image shows a seaport but in the meantime, the section has suffered shipwreck.

From your location, you will also see the Shrine of Depth at the top of the hill, which you can also see in the picture.

Landscape no. 4: Peak Mountains

This fourth photo shows a lake in the Amakumo Peak valley.

The area you should stop at is east of the teleport waypoint if you are looking at a map. But if your veil is facing the sea, you must stay on the left, on the dirt road that leads to the valley or the sea.

The pictures can be taken in any way and after taking pictures of all four places, head back to Inazuma City and explain to Oda Torou.

At another point, in conversation with the man, he will mention Miss Fujiwara Toshiko whom you helped to find the treasure that his parents left behind in the village of Koseki on the island of Seirai.

Completing this search will open the benefit “On the Other Side of Our Desires,” and I would also like to reward you with Inazuma history.

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