Game of thrones season 8 episode 5 leak -spoilers


Looking for some spoilers for the next episode of game of thrones season 8 episode 5? There are several of them out there ut none of these theories were truly genuine. it here is what we received from on of our sources. we hope things won’t turn out this bad thou. This source claimed to have visuals but no audios so he’d assume the script with his theory.

Heavy dialogue with Cersei, not sure about the surrender. Not really much she can do with the scorpions taken out, the iron fleet scorched, and the Golden Company slaughtered. Jaime finds her after.

Euron initiates the fight.

On Jon killing Dany, he tone of it is very tragic. It’s kind of like she’s completely consumed by madness and he’s saying how much he loves her and he’s loyal to her, then he stabs her when he gets close enough. It’s obviously traumatizing for him to do because he does love her.

Why Jon kills her? At that point Jon is horrified by what Dany has done to King’s Landing, and she gives speeches about how she’ll keep doing it to free slaves from their chains. He’s also convinced by Tyrion that his family will never be safe because he presents a threat to her rule, so he’s motivated by that as well, I’m sure.

After Dany takes KL, Dany gives a speech about freeing slaves across the world, etc. Some scenes where characters are reflecting on the devastation she’s caused. Some scenes where they’re deciding how to handle Tyrion, who’s a prisoner. If it does happen in episode 6, there’s probably 40-50 minutes of buildup before Jon actually commits to killing Dany.

Not sure what was filmed in Dragon Pit.

Not sure on Vary’s betrayal. Tyrion gets arrested because he frees Jaime to try to save Cersei, I think. His arrest definitely happens after that and there’s no way that it’s not a factor in it

Unless they filmed alternate scenes where Tyrion dies and invested in post-production to polish those scenes with ADR, CGI, editing, etc for some inexplicable reason to throw off a tiny minority of the viewer base, Tyrion lives and will be on Bran’s small council.

Jon and Greyworm fight the Golden Company together, and Jon surrenders to the Unsullied after killing Dany, but I don’t recall any big fight scene between them. I haven’t seen Every Single Scene, but I can’t think of where one would fit, either. Maybe if Jon prevents Greyworm from killing someone during the sack, but I didn’t watch anything like that myself.

On the “bells” triggering Dany…not really sure because I didn’t have audio for a lot of those scenes… if there’s bells, I doubt the “bells” themselves made Dany go crazy. That feels like a misinterpretation, to me, especially since I misinterpreted some scenes myself. Seems more likely, based off what I’ve seen, that she’s not willing to entertain the idea of surrender, not that the bells in particular triggered something in her

Jon doesn’t kill Dany in a moment of madness. It’s more like she becomes hellbent on a particular mode of justice that Jon realizes he will not be able to discourage.

I didn’t see any wildfire, but it’s possible that I wouldn’t have, or maybe I did and just conflated it with all the dragon fire. Didn’t seem like anything like Battle of the Blackwater, at least… Definitely lots of dragon fire to go around, though. Drogon goes HAM on King’s Landing.

In the epilogue, the unsullied leave to cross the sea and start liberating slave cities on their own, because that’s Dany’s plan before Jon kills her — she has this big speech scene, after sacking King’s Landing, where she’s talking about wrecking the world, liberating all of the slaves from their masters.

When they’re deciding who to elect as king, Sam suggests holding a democratic election and the other nobles laugh at him. That’s before they vote on Bran.

The Golden Company gets absolutely wrecked by the Unsullied.

Arya tries to save civilians while KL is being sacked but fails, and leaves.

Dany’s whole plan for every combat situation is “let Drogon handle it,” including the scorpions, which works fine for some reason even though she lost a dragon to one last episode.

Cleganebowl: They both topple into the fire together, and you do see him without his helmet.

On Jon taking the black: I’m really unclear about why Jon takes the black, but it seems more like he makes the decision himself, or that he makes the decision in conjunction with other people. It doesn’t seem like he’s forced to do it, or at least not that he’s doing it against his will. He’s pretty defeated after killing Dany. I don’t know 100% about Jon’s epilogue but he’s not just going north to just retire out in the wild, it’s definitely related to the Night’s Watch. Taking the black is what makes him no longer a legitimate heir to the throne.


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