Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 – Manuscripts [Spoiler] – Tormund survives

If you are looking for the leaks for the next episode of game of thrones, the episode 3 of season 8 which will air on the 29th of April. We cannot share the download link except you subscribe to our mailing list. But you can sure read the manuscripts below.

Sorry, we think its better read from this image rather than having to type it. But here are some manuscripts from Episode 3, Check the whole spoiler below.

The episode starts with white walker’s army approaching winterfell. No Night king, Just his commanders and many of them.


Did Tormund Survive?

We know that is the first thing you want to hear. Yes he survived. The episode starts with the white walkers army approaching winterfell. There is no Night King but we see the commanders in numbers and there are plenty of them.

It has been pointed out to me that Ghost can be seen at around 19 seconds in the episode four trailer, so he survived! Tormund appears to be there too and YOHN ROYCE (long may he reign). Gilly is there also.

So not that many deaths at all, really.

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Man, the whole marketing campaign for this series was based around the threat of the Night King, winter coming, all that…and it’s dealt with halfway through, bringing us back to the TITULAR Game of Thrones.

Unless the Night King isn’t dead, somehow? I’m not sure whether that would be more or less satisfying


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