Fresh No 10 rule-breaking claims emerge as PM puts fight back plan in place

New lawsuits over Downing Street surfaced when it was reported that Boris Johnson wanted to resume his leadership after a tragic week.

Officials in the Prime Minister were forced to apologize Friday at Buckingham Palace after it was revealed that two working parties had taken place on the eve of the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Sue Gray, a government official who investigates the details of the state-sanctioned political parties, said she was “blinded” by the latest findings, The Times reported.

The newspaper said the official was concerned that workers in Downing Street would not disclose the details of the parties after it was reported that on Friday workers had gathered after two incidents on April 16 2021, which began separately and then merged.

Jehovah’s Witnesses reported that alcohol was drunk and guests were dancing, and someone was sent to a nearby suitcase to buy wine, according to The Telegraph, which first reported the matter.

Meanwhile, other allegations surfaced Friday evening at the regular “Friday Wine” meetings in No. 10 where coronavirus regulations were in place.

The Mirror said what happened each week was a “old Downing Street ritual”, in addition to previous regimes, but it continued after Covid’s bans were imposed to prevent internal integration between families.

The newspaper reported that staff had deposited money in the refrigerator for £ 142 drinks to keep their beer bottles cold, and that the Prime Minister was aware of the conversation.

Spokesman No. 10 said: “There is ongoing research to confirm the truth of the meetings, including the availability, establishment and objective of following the guidelines at the time.

“These findings will be known in due course.”

It comes at a time when reports of Johnson’s resumption of hostilities after a tumultuous week, The Times and the Daily Telegraph all say they have linked up with Lynton Crosby, a political analyst who helped elect London’s mayor.

Mr Johnson is looking to step out of the so-called partygate by upgrading Plan B strategies, such as homework instructions, at the end of the month, the Telegraph reported.

The vaccine, designed to reduce the spread of the Omicron virus to coronavirus, is due to end on January 26, according to a review.

Pension Minister Guy Opperman said Boris Johnson “must change his ways” (David Mirzoeff / PA) (PA Archive)

Levelling-Up Secretary Michael Gove also suggested that there could be dismissal as part of the turmoil at the top of the Government, but rejected the idea of ​​Johnson being one of those who should go.

Commenting on the need for Ms. Gray to investigate the incident, the Prime Minister told ITV News: “If there is a need to punish or take responsibility, let us do this, do it quickly, and act with all the facts before us.”

Mr. Johnson continued to face criticism, including those on the front bench, after he agreed to attend the “about your beer” party at No. 10 on May 20, 2020, which he insists he understands as a “work experience”.

Pension Minister Guy Opperman said the Prime Minister “must change his ways” as he recalls how, in the same month when some of the No 10 “did not do well”, he was unable to help his children before he died.

He and his wife Flora, the newborn twins, Teddy and Rafe, died the following month.

Speaking to the BBC Politics Northern program, Tory MP said: “I am very sorry for this because in May 2020 my wife and children were unhealthy and went to the hospital.

“I could not go there to help them.”

In the meantime, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer is due to use the words on Saturday to increase pressure on the Prime Minister.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer is due to force Boris Johnson to speak on Saturday (Jacob King / PA) (PA Wire)

He is expected to tell a Fabian Society conference: “We are seeing a broken demonstration of a Prime Minister who is in a state of deception, unable to lead.”

Sir Keir has spoken to his party, which is pleased with the turnout, and another study shows that Labor has risen sharply over the past decade.

The Savanta ComRes poll, whose first voting vote since the party was shattered, put Labor at 42 points, up 5, and Boris Johnson’s Tories at 32, down by one.

The Daily Mail, published a photo of Sir Keir – which first came out in the spring last year – drank a bottle of beer while talking to party workers in office during a local election last year when mixing in the house was not allowed, unless it was for work.

Labor, who was asked to comment, said the photo was from work, with Sir Keir and the “ordinary MP” “standing for dinner as the meeting was in the evening”.

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