Former justice minister Christiane Taubira joins France's presidential race

Published on: 15/01/2022 – 14:45

Former French Prime Minister Christiane Taubira on Saturday formally announced April’s presidential election at a left-wing rally in Lyon.

“I commit myself here before you because I am sharing what you want with a different kind of government,” a former minister under Socialist President François Hollande (2012-2017) told allies in Lyon about launching his campaign.

Christiane Taubira the explosion of “high power and lack of dialogue” under Macron, promising to fight for higher wages, better conditions for students and alumni, health care and environmental protection.

A 69-year-old man, a native of French South America in Guiana where he once served as MP, loses his left hand in the fight for a law recognizing the slave trade as a crime against humanity, and a pilot. same-sex marriage in law books in 2013 as Minister of Justice.

“We will do it all together, because that is what we can do,” he told a group of excited people who were posting placards reading “By Taubira”.

But they are in danger of becoming one of the six candidates for the 30 percent of the vote.

Coming from Jean-Luc Melenchon – the most voted in the votes cast by a Sunday newspaper (JDD) weekly about 10 percent – for Greens representative Yannick Jadot and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo at 6.5 and 3.5 percent.

A January survey showed that Taubira had about 4.5 percent support.

On the right, three opponents – cautious Valerie Peresse, the leader of the right culture Marine Le Pen and TV expert Eric Zemmour – hopes to take Macron to the second round of elections.

Taubira’s supporters say they have the power to provoke “anxiety” between the left wing, which has been the biggest loser in the fall of the political division on the left since Macron’s victory in 2017.

The former minister “wants to be a solution to the tiredness of the voters on the left, who can no longer be divided,” said Christian Paul, a Taubira supporter and mayor of the small town of Lormes in central France.

One of Taubira’s most popular betting machines is the so-called “People’s Primary” which will cover the left-wing wing of approximately 120,000 people.

But when he promised to honor the results, some refused to sign.

(and AFP)

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