Final Fantasy XIV digital sales will resume, with Home World Transfer to follow

Today brought a whopper of updates to those who are awaiting the status quo Final Fantasy XIV. When recently Endwalker The growth that was released, was to the praise of fans and critics alike. Some even declared it to be the best part of the deal full permission. However, Square Enix quickly began to struggle with their success. The entrance lines were very long Final Fantasy XIV digital marketing and Home World Transfer operations had to be suspended due to overcrowding. However, fortunately, it seems that this will soon end.

According to approved updates, the game’s digital marketing will resume on January 25. Now that the access lines are starting to die, more server locations have been found. This goes hand in hand with another major announcement in the post that the Oceania server will be launched. Australian players will not be forced to connect to servers until Japan.

One thing to keep in mind is that it does not seem that the free trial will resume once the digital business has done it. As Square requires, logically, wait for the servers to be stable. So, for those who want to get started (like myself), especially if you have never played an MMO before (again, like myself) you may want to wait a bit after 25. In some big news, Final Fantasy XIV‘s Home World Transfer system will resume on January 26 for all players.

That’s a lot of new guys

The long-awaited Data Center Travel System will also be in patch 6.1. In addition, data centers in Japan, North America, and Europe will all be expanded. The number of Japanese notices will grow from 2 to 3. The potential, according to Square Enix, is to use 50,000 more entries. The U.S. data center will receive two phases, starting in August 2022, and ending in late Spring or Summer 2023. Finally, the European data center will also add two-thirds. The first phase begins in July 2022, and the second is scheduled for the summer of 2023.

The creator and director of the game, Naoki Yoshida, summed up the changes by stating that the quality of work would start to improve once the servers were installed. I am so happy to jump into the world Final Fantasy XIV myself, and I have been longing for that since the digital business was phased out. It looks like 2022 will be another good year for the MMO who loves everyone.

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