Emmerdale: Has Tracy Metcalfe left for good? When will she be back?

Emmerdale character Tracy left the village tonight (Friday, January 14) but has he left and will he be back soon?

Why did Tracy leave Emmerdale?

Tracy decided to leave Emmerdale because she was offered a new job at Nottingham.

Tracy has been battling postpartum depression since she and Nate Frankie’s daughter were born.

However Tracy was able to get treatment and also spoke at a postnatal depression seminar.

The seminary board took an interest in him and offered him a job at Nottingham.

Tracy was offered a job at Nottingham (Word: ITV)

When her ex-boyfriend Nate realized she was trying to persuade him not to go.

However, when he realized that he had broken his dream, he spoke to his father Cain and realized that he needed to encourage him to go.

Nate encouraged her to accept the new job, but Tracy’s sister, Vanessa, was not pleased to hear that her sister was leaving.

Vanessa wants Tracy to stay (Word: ITV)

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In tonight’s episode, Tracy says goodbye to Eric, Faith and Nate. As she was leaving, Vanessa apologized for not helping her and promised to visit me again.

Tracy then left the village with her daughter Frankie, but is she gone forever?

Has Tracy left Emmerdale forever?

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Tracy has gone to live and work in Nottingham, but in real life, artist Amy Walsh has gone on a women’s holiday.

Amy recently adopted her first child with her boyfriend Toby-Alexander Smith, who plays Gray Atkins in EastEnders.

When will Tracy come?

It was not revealed when Tracy would return or when Amy Walsh would return to film.

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