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Aand one of the most unexpected seasons since November, Emma Raducanu it seemed to build a solid foundation for the new year. After a huge slam victory, the first round of new approvals, questions about his coaching career and the obvious introduction of how his life changed forever, Raducanu closed his year by hiring a well-known coach, Torben Beltz, to guide him in his next career.

Having a break, Raducanu often talks about his goal to increase his physical strength to deal with the differences between him and the athletes he encounters each week. While running most of the first-round picks, the second hardest season was always on the cards but Raducanu stopped himself.

However, not all of them can be counted. In mid-December, Raducanu tested Covid-19 before taking part in a demonstration in Abu Dhabi. Although he was one of the players who made a deal with Covid at the time, his recovery seems to have taken a very long time. Rafael Nadal won the title in Melbourne a few weeks later, Denis Shapovalov returned to action soon. Raducanu, meanwhile, says it took him 20 days until he started exercising and is still maintaining his fitness.

“It’s hard to try to find a way to get out and do a lot of direct work once you’ve isolated yourself, but if you do this with hours of inactivity for 20 days, you start picking up small things. Thank you,” he said at the time. Australian Open media day Saturday. “I’m just trying to get better.”

As a result, Raducanu arrives at the Australian Open with his appearance far from ideal. Last week she competed for the first time in the new season and was beaten on the court by the talented Elena Rybakina in Sydney, losing 6-0, 6-1 in less than an hour. “The first week,” he says, “I didn’t really try to practice. “But after Sydney, the game, it was nice to see where I was at the time.”

Emma Raducanu will face Sloane Stephens, another US Open winner, in the first round in Melbourne. Photo: Kelly Defina / Getty Images

Next week will be another new Raducanu brand. The only other time he competed in Australia was a 16-year-old in 2019 and he lost in the first round of the junior Australian Open. In her biggest record this year, she will compete in a head-to-head match against Sloane Stephens in a two-man battle against the US Open champions. At the age of 14, Raducanu was watching when Stephens shook his head in 2017 and the two have already collided. If the various Raducanu posters all over the stadium show that they like the organizers, they have fought in one stadium.

The step taken by Stephens in his career shows that there is little guarantee that it would be better after one big slam title. Stephens is one of the talents of his generation, blessed with the fastest running, one of the most strenuous sports and full-blown sports, and still able to do much. But his time at the top of the game so far, despite being smart, was limited. He is now at 68th place and, despite recent assumptions about promises, Stephens remains very uncooperative. It is able to climb up to this point and eliminate every enemy in the world just as it does worthless, powerless things for everyone.

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Chris Evert revealed that he had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time and began receiving treatment for cancer, including chemotherapy, in December.

Evert is one of the best tennis players of all time, having won 18 major titles while his popularity helped transform the women’s game.

“I’ve had a wonderful life,” told ESPN. “Now I have some problems ahead of me. But, I am encouraged to know that chemotherapy is a cure and a cure for cancer. ” Hope Carayol

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After showing that he is still a long way from his physical strength level, Raducanu says he is approaching the game calmly and does not feel any pressure on his shoulders next week. He says: “I feel very comfortable here and in the gym. “I had to skip a few obstacles to play here, so I’m happy – I just want to go there to have fun and have fun on the field.”

This is the beginning of a new Raducanu season, which will reveal more about his game and character, and one that will require patience as he learns the ropes of top tennis under pressure. It will be instructive to see if, when and how to get his feet. In the meantime, patience will be a hallmark of the one who is still working.

He says: “I love to be perfect. “Whether it’s a trial or not, I want to be the best I can be. Sometimes it can be very difficult. I think that’s one thing, I just need to relax. As long as what’s going on goes up, a matter of a little flexibility, I think I can be proud. “

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In preparation for the Australian Open competition, Nike launched the Raducanu brand. As he stood up from the start and attacked the balls, a voice was heard behind him: “confused”, “fluke”, “one surprise”. In just a few months, and with only four games to play, the story around Raducanu has been a bittersweet one.

One of the key keys will be in the ethos of the video; blocking noise, looking at himself and understanding that consistent work will benefit even if it takes time. When asked about his opinion on the matter on Saturday, Raducanu smiled. “I think the video speaks for itself,” he said. “Yeah, that’s how I feel. There you are.

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