Elden Ring: What is Poise stats and how to increase Poise

Elden Ring has a unique combat system in which there are base stats that you need to understand. Because the base stats of your character are very important as it tells your character’s ability that it can take on a high-tier enemy or not. Just like your character’s stats, there are also the base stats of your character. In this guide, we tell you what is poise and how to increase it.


Poise is the base stats of your character which is defined by the armor you are wearing. Each armor has different poise points which are also called the Poise HP, which shows the resistance of your character against the staggering from the enemy attacks.

So basically, what poise does is that if you are wearing an armor that has more poise HP than your enemy poise HP then the enemy cannot stagger you during fights. It resists you from being staggered during fights. If your character has low Poise HP then you can get staggered during the fight and your resistance ability will also be less. It has a huge effect on fights as it makes fights easier or if you don’t have enough poise then you will have to struggle more in the fights.

How to Check Poise HP

If you are wondering how to check your character’s Poise HP then you can look at it in the same tab as you look at your character’s stats. Open the menu and go to the Status tab to look at your character’s Poise HP.

The poise will change if you change your armor, if you play aggressively but don’t want to get staggered by the enemies then it is necessary to wear good armor.


The staggering works on the poise points, if the damage taken by the enemies is increased by your poise points, then you get staggered by the enemies. The higher the poise, the higher the chances of not getting staggered by the enemies. It works the same on the enemies as well when you get to deal enough poise damage to them, they will get staggered and then you can deal critical damage to them.

If your poise gets low by taking damage by the enemies and if you want to refill your poise HP then you can do that by not taking any damage for 30 seconds. It will refill your poise.

There are three types of staggering in the game and it depends on what type of weapon you got hit by the enemy.

  • Weak Stagger: You can’t move for half a second after getting hit. This stagger is caused by standard weapons.
  • Heavy Stagger: You cannot move for a second after getting hit. This stagger is caused by Great weapons.
  • Knock-down: You get knocked down completely off your feet after getting hit and cannot continue any actions until the recovery animation is completed. This stagger is caused by the Colossal weapons.

How to Increase Poise

The poise HP is of your armor and it can be increased by using different items in the game. You can use Bull-Goat’s Talisman which increases poise by 33%. The Baldachin’s Blessing is also a great consumable item that increases poise by 52%. The Stonebarb Cracked Tear also increases the poise by 25%.

If you want to deal the most poise damage to enemies then use the Colossal Sword as it deals the most poise damage. The best ash of war to break stances is the Flame of Redmane, it does 29 poise damage normally and if it is buffed with the Crystal Tear then it does 38 poise damage.

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