Edifier S3000 Pro Active Stereo Speaker Review

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Edifier S3000 Pro Active Stereo Speaker Review Rating

In short

Edifier S3000 Pro is a well-known stereo speaker. The sound quality is amazing and the connection to the wireless speakers is flawless. However, they are much larger, not as beautiful and expensive.


  • Sounds great
  • Flawless wire connection


  • Great speakers with classic design
  • There is no sub out

I have reviewed Edifier speakers for many years, and I love it Price R2000DB enough that I switched to them as my main PC speaker after the death of my Bose Companion 50 speakers.

I’ve had a lot of fun with them in the last few months, but because of the nature of my work, there is always the desire to have something better.

I was planning to finish repairing my 5.1 memory machine and using the rest machine on my PC. However, Edifier asked me if I would like to review the Edifier S3000 Pro, and I would not be happy.


  • Wireless communication between speakers
  • HiRes certified quality
  • Planar diaphragm tweeters
  • 6.5 ″ (179mm) bass unit
  • Qualcomm aptX HD decoding
  • USB, line-in, Optical, and input compatible
  • Remote control

Edifier S3000 Pro vs Edifier R2000DB

I doubt that many people have been trying to decide whether to take the Edifier R2000DB or S3000 Pro, but this is how my transition style looks.

Edifier S3000 Pro Subwoofer

Most people may not want a subwoofer with these speakers, they have more buses as they are.

There are no subwoofer products on the speakers, but they are compatible, and I have seen a few people online say that they have done this with good results.

The Edifier states that you can use a subwoofer with powerful speakers, but the subwoofer should also be stand-alone. You need an RCA Y-splitter. From the voice source, move one group of RCAs to the speakers and another group of RCAs to the subwoofer. Note that non-sub-speaker speakers do not have a low filter, so they will continue to play bass frequencies when connected to a subwoofer.

There seems to be some conflicting information if you can run a subwoofer using a built-in USB DAC, but if you are using an external DAC, you should be fine.


The first thing you notice about these speakers is that they are great. It weighs 232 * 368 * 356 mm and weighs 21.1kg total. It is not a clear talk that fits on a small desk. In the same way, you want the speakers to represent them.

The whole structure divides. They are a little old-fashioned, talking on the last big seed shelves.

I have no strong opinion on them, and the size they are visible is not the end of the wood.

With speakers to be wireless connected, they all need personal power. Unlike some of the Edifier features, the electronic controller is not integrated with the speaker (thank you) and instead uses the power of the IEC C7 (Figure 8).

Behind the left speaker, that’s all you have. There is also an LED notification indicator for power and physical adjustment.

A good communicator has all the means to communicate. You also have volumes, buses and trible dials.

Kleernet Wireless speaker Communication vs Mitchell Acoustics Stream One

The Edifier S3000 Pro is one of the few speakers on the market that connects wirelessly to each other and eliminates the need to run a tight cable between the two speakers.

I have already used Mitchell Acoustics iStream One. This feature was true for True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth for each other without a wiring cable.

For the most part, he worked well. However, I encountered some problems when using them in my office, leaving from time to time as well as explosions / murmurs. The problem was mainly with Bluetooth, but after using them for a long time, I stopped going down slowly from the wireless speaker. I suspect that the other side of the story was the remote area connected to the amount of power in my office, including wireless routers, three monitors and more than one PC. I think they suffered from some confusion.

The iStream One will also need time to connect, and you will be notified when this happens. When left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

As much as I liked the sound of the speakers, they did not work on my needs.

The Edifier S3000 Pro is completely different. Kleernet is a wireless technology that operates at 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz, and 5.8 GHz.

When I added strength, it was like that. No argument, no argument. Speakers set up wireless connections, and last week, which I used for about 50 hours, I did not realize there was a problem with the connection at all.

It also does not reduce the power supply, which can be bad for some people but it is something I need. My plugs go off on their own at night, so it’s not a problem for me.

Connections – There is no network connection but a good USB DAC

You have different connections, more than anything I could want.

  • There is a line inside, which I have been using the most. My FiiO K5 Pro Desktop DAC feeds audio to speakers.
  • You can bypass the DAC and run the built-in DAC using USB.
  • Then there is the Optical, and even better
  • There is also Bluetotoh

There is no network connection, so there is no high performance as you find it on other speakers.

Although I used this and mine FiiO K5 Pro, I used a USB connection that is connected to my PC.

Built in DAC with PCM5242, it supports 24bit / 192kHz, and the signal-to-noise ratio is up to 114dB. You may need to set up additional drivers for 24bit / 192kHz.

The overall performance is excellent, there are slight variations in the text, but I can’t say it’s very good.

I believe most people looking for £ 700 speakers have been using a good DAC, but the built-in can add value to it.

The Real Benefits

To put it bluntly, I have not reviewed speech / computer cuts that cut anywhere near this in the past. My opinion may be biased because, as you might expect, this sounds a lot better than the £ 300 speakers.

Without this, this sounds weird.

Following some ideas on the internet, I have placed this to the left and right of my office desk with a direct view instead of a straight one. They are slightly above the level of the ear.

While there is no subwoofer with this, the generous 179mm bass driver can produce fun bass, which you can adjust to the back of the speaker as you wish. While this may not have the low functionality as an object with a dedicated subwoofer, I found that it has never been bothered by anything, it can easily move from the starting point to the middle ground easily, without sounding uncontrollably.

Mid-range sounds very accurate with a lot of detail. The voices sound amazingly both with low masculine and very high feminine voices.

The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. It’s not uncommon for me to switch from hip hop or electronica to punk or things like electro violin. Most speakers are able to cope with the decline of hip hop well, but when you hear loud noises and beats a lot, it sounds good in my ears. However, with this, I have no knowledge of this subject.

That being said, I was very impressed with the treble, and in the end I repeated the point to -1 on the treble.

The stereo and soundstage contrast is excellent. Most stereo speakers obviously can do this well, but there is something special about the details with these speakers.

With this being so big and heavy, it doesn’t seem to be the same distraction that some light speakers can deal with. Even when they were placed on my wooden tables and I did not find any echoeyness or distortion. They can also shout loudly, again, my office is so big, and this can provide a full sound of rooms without much hassle.

Far away there are four EQ records, and this is a very good one. It was really the only verbal way that seemed to make a big difference to me.

Price and Alternatives

The Edifier S3000 Pro is a top-of-the-line Edifier and is priced at £ 700.

A slight drop brings you to S2000MKIII for about $ 400.

Then you have Airpulse speakers, starting with the A80 for about £ 700 and increasing the A300 at £ 900, then the A300 Pro at £ 1500. Both use ribbon-filled ribbons.

As far as I know, only the Edifier S3000 Pro and Airpulse A300 Pro are the only KleerNet wireless cables.

KEF LSX or KEF LS50W are probably the most popular wireless speakers. The LS50W costs about three times the cost but the KEF LSX is within about $ 1000.

Q Acoustics Q Active 200 is a way to make £ 1000. This uses a hub that connects wirelessly to both speakers. Slightly designed for home theater / TV and HDMI port. The comments of these speakers are mixed.

You can also use Sonos speakers like these. This is not the same, because it depends on what you want.


The Edifier S3000 Pro speakers are the best speakers I’ve ever had and are better than any other speaker I’ve ever used.

They are also the most expensive and largest speakers I have ever used, so being anything other than the best would be frustrating.

Also amazed by the sound quality, I was very impressed with the stability of the wire connection. Mitchell Acoustics uStream One was good but not perfect in this regard, while Edifier has always been flawless.

Although this can be costly, an expensive item tends to be relative. Judging by the comments of online users, this works better than most speakers at the same prices, so it can be argued that this is cheap.

The overall size and cost of this will reduce their appeal to the local market. However, for anyone who wants something more elaborate then this is the best choice.

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