Drake Allegedly Put Hot Sauce In Condom To Stop IG Model From Stealing Sperm

Instagram Model Says Drake Put Hot Broth In A Condom To Prevent Her Stealing

The Instagram artist is making the false claims of a hip hop artist Drake. The model states that Drake has an amazing way of preventing women from stealing his semen.

Drake and the Ig brand reportedly met on Instagram, and the two decided to reconnect – a few weeks ago. Model and Drake had a boyfriend, and what happened next was – well, crazy.

After the party was over, he returned to his hotel. He smoked a little grass, and asked if he wanted to have sex. He also said he was determined to make sure things went smoothly. They started with a bit of foreplay. She stroked and sucked her breasts a little. Then she went to the bathroom and came out wearing a condom.

He said it is about 7 inches, thick, and cut. They ran for 20 minutes. They usually hit the back and eventually got inside the condom.

He immediately went back into the bathroom to dump.

According to a report that reached us, thottie tried to smuggle Drake into his seed. He immediately went to the bathroom, picked up a used condom – and tried to hold Drake’s semen – presumably to take his own.

But Drake says he “blocked” the condom. Read more:

She pulled the condom out of the trash, untied it, and put the tip in her vagina. Boy, was he surprised! He said as if pouring hot liquid into his p * ssy.

He screamed, and Drake ran to the bathroom. He admitted that he poured a packet of hot broth into a condom to kill sperm.

It has been reported that an Instagram photo is threatening to arrest Drake. the woman posted pictures of her burnt cat on Twitter, and the photos are going well.

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